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Have you ever wanted to see Stonehenge?

Ah yes, Stonehenge.  That neolithic wonder whose history stretches back several millennia and takes one back to a simpler and more spiritual time in tribal Britain.  Thanks to publicity in recent years, many people around the world, maybe even you, long to see this wonder.  Well, now you can thanks to special discounts on travel and airfare.  But why stop at Stonehenge and Britain?  Why not travel to the spice bazaars or the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey?  You will learn a great deal about these special flight and travel discounts which will allow you to travel to far flung places in the world in style and on a discounted budget, so read on!

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“I have heard of the Ixigo flight coupon code, but I have no idea what it is.  You may have curiously had this thought when someone mentioned this coupon code to you, or when you read about in either online or in print media.  The answer to this question of yours is, “An Ixigo flight coupon code allows you to redeem certain online coupons and deep discounts when you fly to certain select and popular places in the world.  The best part about this coupon is that you can actually get ‘cash back’ on the various tour packages which you book!”  This coupon is especially useful if you want to obtain first class air fare tickets to long distance places at very affordable prices.  A good example of this is booking an online plane ticket to Japan.  The trick is that you have to book your ticket on certain select airlines to redeem the coupons and discounts!

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India’s economy is growing rapidly and this, combined with rapidly improving socio economic indicators is creating a strong middle class with money.  This middle class is eager to explore lands beyond their home country and they want to do so at a discount.  This is why many companies offering deep discounts, coupons, and promotions on various tour, hotel, and airfare packages are ‘springing up like hotcakes’ in India.  One such company is Akber Travels.  The enticing offer it offers to Indian travelers comes in the form of the Akber travel promo code.  

More about the Akber travel promo code

You can avail this travel promo code on certain websites like  It works similar to the Ixigo flight coupon code in that it allows you to avail deep discounts on plane tickets, hotels, and tour packages.  The discounts offered range from 200 INR to 8% off of the sticker price for these consumer goods.  You simply register for and purchase the promo code and apply it to the package you choose.  It’s that simple and it allows you to save thousands on your annual or semi-annual vacations.

The many places in the world you can travel to

You now know that you can avail many discounts and promotion codes for various aspects of travel.  But where it the world can you use them in?  That is, “which locations in this world are worth traveling to and will offer you tremendous and life-changing experiences if you purchase tour and airfare packages using these codes?”   The answer is that there are lots of places in the world where you can use these codes.  One such code is England.  Indeed, you can tour the entire United Kingdom in a week or two and at a tremendous discount by purchasing a tour package online using one of the discount or promo codes mentioned above!  You can also travel to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.  This place is world famous for the faces of four of the most important presidents in early America.  Why not travel to ‘the land of opportunity and beauty’ and see many more wonders that make North America so popular?  The best part is that you will be paying for your trip in heavily discounted Indian rupees and not in American dollars.  You can also travel to Canada and see the Canadian Niagara Falls and the Canadian rockies.  Both are beautiful natural wonders which make Canada very popular as being a beautiful and iconic place to visit!

Now you can travel like a Maharaja

Well it is common knowledge that the era of the Maharajas disappeared after India won independence from the British in 1947.  However, their legacy lives on, mainly in the desire of many in India’s growing middle classes to experience their lavish lifestyles through global travel, but at prices which they can afford.  Since the Indian rupee is not always as strong as other currencies, using discounts and promo codes may be the only way that many middle class Indians can ‘travel in style!’