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Heartburn & Acid Reflux Remedies to Pour Water on The Fiery ache

Have you ever experienced a slight hiccup after taking meals followed by a burning sensation in your chest & throat?

Or, perhaps, frequent burping may make your life more like a nightmare since every time it leaves a sour taste on the back of your mouth.

Hold on!  You are not the only creature who is dealing with these inconvenient & uncomfortable conditions. Around 20% of people in the United States are undergoing this problem. And the interesting fact is almost everyone has experienced it at some stage in their life.

So, no more worries!

In today’s article, we will tell you some proven heartburn & acid reflux remedies that everybody is searching for.

Alright then, without any further wait, Let’s get into it….

Why are you having this acid reflux issue?

Each time you chew or drink something it passes through a narrow tube called the esophagus to reach your stomach.

After the food reaches the stomach, it releases hydrochloric acid in response to the food. But, if you have a hiatal hernia, then this acid moves back to the esophagus  & you BURP!

Normally this can take place when you eat too spicy foods or drink soda or beverages containing bubbles in it. Then, how will you differentiate these two?  Well, you need to check the frequency of attack & then the heartburn type of key symptoms. If it attacks twice or more in a week, then you should take this issue into account.

Heartburn in Acid Reflux  

“Now look, the word heartburn may mislead you by arising the thinking of your heart is getting burnt “. But, it is a symptom of acid reflux. And the reason to call it by this name is due to feeling a sharp, burning sensation in the cardiac region. This happens in major attacks.

Then you may be wondering about what you should do for a severe acid reflux attack! That’s what you will come to know in the next. So, let’s read on…

Heartburn & Acid reflux remedies

Do you want to get rid of your heartburn fast?  Then, obey the following tips that we have described below :

Avoid Wearing Tight Cloth

As we said earlier, in acid reflux the stomach contents retrograde towards the esophagus. Study shows that when you wear tight clothing, it may pressurize your stomach,  & consequently, the contents within it splash upwards.  Even, wearing a tight belt may compress your stomach & give rise to this situation.

Change your posture

Normally bringing a minor change in your posture can give you relief from this case. Sometimes when you sit or lie, the situation gets worse. While sitting if you notice any symptoms of acid reflux, then try to stand up. But, if you are already standing, then try to make it more straight.

Because this simple tactic may work on the lower esophageal sphincter to stop the acid from rising upward.

But, what do you do when it is bedtime? 

Lying down posture can make your condition horrible than ever. Besides, it doesn’t make any sense to stand in an upright position.

The situation may deteriorate even if you place an extra cushion to lift your head. Instead, you need to elevate your body from the waist up.

It would be better to shift yourself in an adjustable bed to adapt to the sleeping pattern.

Drink list to combat this issue

Bringing a little change in your dietary routine can give you relief from this fiery ache. Like instead of morning coffee, you should take herbal extracts tea to treat acid reflux.

One such type of remedy is licorice that coats the esophagus with lining  & neutralizes the effect of stomach acid. In case you become unable to take caffeine-free herbal tea, can you take milk for heartburn?

Well, many people have digestion issues during drinking significant amounts of fat-containing milk. In such conditions, you can drink low-fat comprising milk or skim milk. Besides, if you are lactose intolerant, you can take plant-milk like: soy, almond, or coconut to relax the lower esophageal sphincter.

Last but not the least, water is all in all a good option to troubleshoot this issue. Because, that being said, water cures everything. Its pH is 7.0 which equalizes the acidic effect of your meal. While there is a list of drinks available, you should avoid these acid triggering drinks including citrus juice, coffee & alcohol.

Chew gum

Who doesn’t like to chew gum? Yes, everyone loves it!  The most amazing fact is if you chew gum within half an hour after having meals, it will release more saliva to dilute the acid coming from the stomach.

Over the counter supplement

You can reverse your GERD problem either by taking medicine or the counter supplement. Then, what is the best over the counter heartburn relief?

Alright, when it comes to taking an external dietary supplement, we get bothered about side effects, price & so on.

But what if we give you a magic solution that may give you tons of health benefits along with curing the acid reflux!

Of course, everybody would like to grab the deal!

That’s what you will get after purchasing probiolite. This probiotic solution is budget-friendly & contains a list of 100% natural ingredients in it. For getting in-depth knowledge, you can read this probio lite review & find whether you like to give it a go or not.

There is a CATCH!  Rarely, people complain that they are unable to get rid of this issue after doing all these. If it happens in your case too & you are eager to know the reason, then you will find out the cause in the next few minutes.

Why is my acid reflux not going away?

Acid reflux is one such kind of problem that can be cured with Prilosec and Pepcid. If you do not get relieved with these medications, then the problem lies somewhere else.

Researchers stated two explanations in this context. Firstly, Symptoms related to your acid reflux may occur due to other physical complications. Secondly, the medications you are taking may be unable to stop acid production in your stomach. This one is so common that one out of five/ten patients may not get rid of this problem due to this specific reason.

So, If you think it is the hidden cause of your problem, then you should consult with a gastroenterologist.


Curing acid reflux for good may differ from person to person. Among the numerous opinions, most researchers come to a point that food habits might be a major cause of developing acid reflux.

For this, we try to give you a detailed insight into heartburn & acid reflux remedies to ease your problem. If you follow our aforesaid recommendation, you will be able to reduce the acid reflux symptoms by a significant margin.

However, nothing can be as effective as your physician’s advice. The remedies we suggest above are all side effects free. All you need to be concerned about is taking them in the right way to get the fastest result.



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