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Heartless pet owner leaves their dog to die in Queensland heat

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Heartless pet owner leaves their dog to die: Poor pooch is tied to a fence on a short lead leaving her unable to reach water or shade

  • A neo-mastiff-cross was found dead in a Queensland backyard on Thursday
  • The dog had been tied to the fence and was unable to access shade or water
  • The RSPCA has launched an investigation against the dog’s owner

An investigation is underway after a dog was tied to a fence and left to die in scorching heat, unable to reach shade or water. 

The RSPCA were alerted after the neo-mastiff cross, believed to be six or seven years old, was found dead in a backyard in Logan, Queensland on Thursday morning, when it was about 27 degrees outside.

‘Words fail us,’ RSPCA Qld spokesman Michael Beatty said. 

‘Despite the warnings, some people still aren’t listening.’

Mr Beatty told Daily Mail Australia the RSPCA would be investigating the female dog’s cause of death, which is believed to be heat stress, and an autopsy had been conducted. 

A six or seven-year-old neo-mastiff cross was found dead in a Queensland backyard on Thursday, believed to have been killed by a lack of access to shade or water

In a statement released on Friday morning, he said a rope or leash was not an appropriate way to restrain a dog in a backyard or courtyard, as it could easily lead to disaster.

‘A dog can survive for days without food, but in these temperatures, if they don’t have shade or can’t reach water they’ll die,’ he said.  

‘A rope or a chain can easily become entangled in furniture or plants and that can be fatal. 

‘It’s far better to make the yard or courtyard secure and then it won’t be necessary to tether the dog in the first place.’

The RSPCA recommends dogs are left with multiple bowls of water if they will be unsupervised, in case one is knocked over.     


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