Heartwarming moment Australian bride shaves her head on her wedding day for mother fighting cancer

Heartwarming moment a bride and her new husband shave their heads in front of wedding guests in solidarity with her mother fighting cancer

  • Bride and groom shave heads on their wedding day for mother battling cancer
  • Jony Lee and husband posted the video of the heartwarming moment to TikTok
  • They decided to shave their heads instead of having their first dance

A newly-married couple have shaved their heads instead of partaking in a first dance at their wedding in a heartwarming gesture of solidarity with the bride’s mother suffering from cancer.

Jony Lee and her husband posted the footage to TikTok, which starts with a speech by Ms Lee before her new husband sits on a chair in front of her.

‘My parents think we’re going to be doing a traditional Filippino dance where you stick money in our clothes to get more money,’ she says in the clip.

‘If you do have a bit of cash on you we’re going to be shaving our heads for cancer, and whatever money you lay in front of us we will be donating it tonight.’

Jony Lee and her husband shaved their heads to support her mother who is battling cancer

'We love you so much and we want to show our solidarity with you,' Jony says

‘We love you so much and we want to show our solidarity with you,’ Jony says

Jony begins shaving her husband’s head as another couple emotionally embrace the groom.

Another man and the groom rub each other’s shaved heads after Jony is finished.

Ms Lee then gets in the chair herself as her husband shaves off her luscious, long brunette locks.

‘We love you so much and we want to show our solidarity with you,’ she says to her mother..

An older woman wearing pink then joins the freshly-shaved couple on stage as they embrace. 

The video has received more than 3.8million likes on the social media platform, with over 26,000 comments praising the couple for their ‘selflessness’. 

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