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Helpful Ways to Recover CF Memory Card

Compact Flash memory cards are the most trusted cards that professional photographers use to store videos and pictures. CF cards are a type of removable memory and can be used in any device they are compatible with. By looking at their size, you won’t believe at the extensive amount of data that you can save in it.

However, memory card failure can happen anywhere and anytime. You can lose your data permanently because of accidental deletion, card corruption, incorrect removal of CF card, or virus. In such a situation, you may get stressed, especially if you don’t have a backup. But, you need not worry much, as a CF memory card recovery option exists. There are several methods to recover data from memory cards, and the best of them are discussed below.

Use check disk command – Have you lost some precious data from your CF card? Don’t choke. Take a deep breath and try using the CMD command to recover the data from the corrupted/formatted CF card. Connect your memory card to a card reader and connect it to your system and follow the steps explained below.

  • Firstly, press the R + Windows key.
  • Type “cmd” and then press Enter. Exe will be launched.
  • Now, type chkdsk F:/f and hit Enter. (Please remember to replace the F drive with the drive of your memory card).
  • Next type Y and press Enter.
  • Lastly, type F:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *. * and press Enter.
  • These steps will help in detecting the deleted data and recovering it.

Note – Be cautious while performing this step. If you don’t have the back of crucial data, then avoid performing this step. Else, chances of data recovery will reduce as this command makes changes to the File Allocation Table and MFT.

Use free card recovery tools – You will get several free CF card recovery software on the internet. But, don’t download just any software. Instead, spend some time on the research part and see which site is trustworthy to make the download. It is important to select the free recovery tool cautiously because some open sources are fraud and can hack your system. Howsoever, experts recommend not relying on free tools when the lost data is extremely important to you.

Consider investing in a paid recovery tool – Instead of going for free tools; prefer buying the most trusted recovery tool. There is a few CF card data recovery software available that perform the recovery job efficiently. You can take references from your friends or colleagues who have used recovery software in the past.

Hire CF card recovery experts – If you don’t want to put your data at risk by recovering yourself, then hire CF memory card recovery professionals. They are well-trained experts who know how to recover crucial and confidential data with due care. They have advanced tools and know the best techniques to retrieve the lost/corrupted data from the CF memory card. Moreover, they have well-constructed laboratories where they perform recovery with due care.


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