Hemel Hempstead thug gets 9 years’ jail for brutal attack of ex

A violent thug who carried out a ‘sustained and repeated’ attack on his girlfriend was jailed for nine years and eight months today. 

Ryan Brady’s partner was hospitalised for five days over Christmas after the 26 year old from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, repeatedly beat her.

Luton Crown Court heard she was treated for a head injury, multiple rib fractures, injuries to her chest, lungs and kidneys and bruising to her arms and legs. 

Ryan Brady was jailed for nine years and eight months for repeatedly beating his girlfriend 

Prosecutor Simon Ward said the couple had been in a relationship since 2013 but after he lost his job he started to become violent towards her.

In early December last year they had argued and he ordered her to get on the floor, where he hit her with a meat tenderiser, causing swelling and bruising to her arm.

Then on 21 December he was driving her in his black BMW to her mother’s home when they got into an argument about how she had not made plans with him for the next week. 

He then proceeded to punched her in the face in front of a baby.  

After dropping the child off, Brady drove to a country lane where he parked up, dragged her out of the car and punched her multiple times in the ribs, stopping when a car went past.

During the attack he also took her phone from her and made threats to kill her. 

He drove into Berkhamsted and pulled up near the railway line where he grabbed her hair, punched her in the head and kneed her in the ribs.

The prosecutor went on: ‘They went home and as soon as they were inside he told her that believing he had calmed down was the worst mistake she could have made.

‘He kicked and stamped on her multiple times. He grabbed her throat so she could not breath. She felt light-headed and dizzy. He pushed her to the floor and stamped and kicked her.

‘The violence went on for 20 minutes. Then he said he would ‘smoke’ to chill out. He said he was sorry she was in pain but not sorry that he had caused it because she deserved it.’

Brady, who had a previous conviction for battery on a former partner when he was 17, told her she needed to show she cared so the next morning she apologised to him and tried to show him some affection, said Mr Ward.

But he told her to ‘F**k off’ and then jumped on top of her, strangled her and put his knee into her ribs. 

He threw her to the floor and stamped on her ribs multiple times.

In a bid to escape, the victim told him she needed the toilet and once inside she texted her brother to call the police.

When officers arrived the woman appeared pale and nervous with dried blood on her lips. 

She was whispering as she talked and collapsed on her way to Watford Hospital.

Brady appeared for sentencing at Luton Crown Court today and those present heard how he punched, kneed and stamped on her after getting into an argument about him not making plans with him

Brady appeared for sentencing at Luton Crown Court today and those present heard how he punched, kneed and stamped on her after getting into an argument about him not making plans with him 

His ex-girlfriend was an inpatient for five days over the Christmas period and missed seeing her son take his first steps. 

A CT scan conducted at the hospital showed rib fractures from the earlier attack.   

Brady was arrested at the house but claimed he did not understand why the police were there.

He appeared for sentence today having earlier pleaded guilty to causing the victim grievous bodily harm with intent on 21 and 22 December last year. He had also admitted causing her actual bodily harm earlier that month.

In a victim statement, she said she feels liberated that he cannot hurt her anymore but feared what he might do when he is released. 

She said she now no longer needed to worry about wearing nice things or make-up because he was not there to ask her who she was trying to impress.

Defending, Nicholas Evans said: ‘He acknowledges this was a very serious offence. He accepts full responsibility for everything that he has done.’

He said Brady had gone into a deep depression after losing his job and was smoking strong cannabis that caused him to behave in an irrational way.

Mr Evans said he accepts the relationship is over and wishes the victim to move on in her life. He said he had been diagnosed with Tourette’s and ADHD.

Jailing him, Judge Rebecca Herbert said: ‘The ongoing effects on her continue. She suffered horrific injuries and was in a wheelchair for some time. She suffered anxiety, nightmares and sleeplessness.’

She told Brady that he posed an ‘ongoing risk to women with whom he is in a relationship.’

The judge made an indefinite restraining order banning him from contacting the victim.

DC Vicky Sexton, who investigated the case, said: ‘Brady’s victim was subjected to the most horrific ordeal, not just over these two days but throughout the entirety of their relationship. 

‘In this incident she sustained serious injuries, including multiple broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a 50 per cent laceration across one of her kidneys and liver damage.

‘I hope this sentence brings some comfort to her; she suffered a great deal of trauma because of Brady. 

‘I’d like to take this opportunity to commend her for the bravery she has shown, throughout both the investigation and the court case. 

‘I hope Brady uses his time in prison to reflect on his behaviour, and the needless suffering he’s caused his victim.’

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