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Here’s How To Style Your Jogger Pants This Winter Without Looking Sloppy

When duty calls, you CAN’T say no!

But, getting up and ditching the warm blankets (your constant companion for the holiday season) is dreadingly tough. And, we couldn’t agree more.

For moments like these, you don’t have to get out of your comfort zone AKA sweatpants/joggers and be all dressed up in an altogether different outfit. Instead, play them up and be the fashion diva out there!

And, we’ll tell you how. Read ahead.

# Layer it up

One of the best ways to give your sweatpants a chic twist is by layering them up.

So, don’t hesitate to throw an oxford shirt over it (preferably white) and a knit sweater on top of it. Don’t tuck in the shirt. Let it peek down from underneath.

For footwear, your slip-ons will work the best and you’re all ready to don your sweatpants after all!

# Play with plaid shirts

Does looking elegant seem difficult with your sweatpants on?

Trust us, it isn’t.

Jazz up your look by pairing your sweatpants with a plain (black) knit sweater and tying your favourite plaid shirt over it around the waist.

Accent your look with a light scarf covering your neck and if you wish, you can add your biker jacket over to keep you warm in this chilling weather.

Your ensemble will make you look as fashionable as you would in jeans!

# Vests and Scarves to the rescue

Layers can elevate any outfit within minutes and we’ll tell you how to do it for yourself.

Flaunt your athleisure look by pairing a cool vest with your track pants. Whether it be denim, puffer, or cargo vest, it is totally up to you.

Moreover, add a totally different colour scarf to this outfit and you are good to go!

Footwear? Your platform trainers, obviously!

# Who said crop tops are off-limits?

Do you have a pair of sweatpants that are fairly high-waisted?

If yes, why not pair them up with a crop top and make the outfit sexy?

Your pumps are the best addition to this look!

Layer it up with your denim or biker jacket and you are ready to make heads turn wherever you go. Be it for coffee or a couple of drinks at the bar!

# Black is your colour if you want the urban chic look


Yes, that’s right.

Nothing has more power to give you an urban chic look than a completely black outfit. Not only will you appear as someone who has all the styling sensibilities of a New Yorker but also you will come off as extremely classy.

So, slide into your black sweatpants, throw a black sweater over and a black biker jacket can be your additional layer for extreme winters.

Add a pop of colour to your outfit by wearing your white sneakers along.

P.S. You may also add a hat if you like!

# Play with Faux Fur

There are NO rules when it comes to pairing your sweatpants.

You just need to present your most stylish self to the world. And, faux fur helps you do the same.

We suggest, layer up your knit sweater or tee with a faux fur jacket and add your heels to this ensemble. You are surely going to be the miss attention grabber wherever you go!

That being said, you are ready for your Friday night too!

Final Word

As already mentioned, there are no handcuffs on your hands or any hard and fast rules when you are styling your sweatpants.

Just make sure to be the game-changer! And, all of these looks will surely help.

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