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Here’s Why You’ll Love Driving Lincoln SUVs in Winter

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Lincoln vehicles are so sumptuously appointed with luxury that they’re a pleasure to drive in any season, but new models have some incredible features which make driving in non-ideal road conditions safer for everyone. These are features you’ll really appreciate during Canada’s winter, when roads are icy and snowy and sudden storms can reduce visibility.

Read on to learn more about some of the features in Lincoln sports utility vehicles that all winter drivers will appreciate.


Lincoln’s Blind Spot Detection (BLIS) feature is found in luxury SUVs like the Aviator. The vehicle itself senses the presence of other vehicles in your blind spots, and alerts you with flashing lights and beeps.

Even when you’re backing up, you’ll get a warning safely before there’s a risk of collision if another vehicle is coming from either side of you. Visit your local dealership to find new Lincoln cars for sale that come with BLIS, as well as the full range of driver-assist technology.

Pre-Collision Assist

Today’s Lincolns are able to help you avoid a collision or lessen its impact with futuristic technology that everyone on the road will appreciate. Using radars, vehicles like the Lincoln Nautilus and Aviator and others scan the road for other vehicles or pedestrians.

If it detects that there’s something nearby which poses a risk for collision, the driver will be alerted right away. If still no corrective action is taken, the brakes will be applied automatically.

Evasive Steering Assist

The Lincoln has another usage for the cameras and sensors: if the vehicle detects that a frontal collision is imminent, it can brake for you and help you steer around the object when applying the brake yourself wouldn’t be enough.

This can be a tremendously important safety feature if you hit a patch of black ice in winter, but it also comes in handy while driving on uneven terrain or in a sudden rainstorm during summer.

360-Degree Camera

Lincoln has developed its own series of cameras placed in the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle. The image from these cameras is merged together to form a 360-degree view around the vehicle, so the driver can manoeuvre with confidence in tight quarters.

The Lincoln Nautilus even has a self-washing rear view camera, so it’ll work reliably in all seasons.

There’s no replacement for keeping a careful eye on the road, nor is this meant to be a substitute, but having a bird’s eye view can help you back out safely from driveways and parking lots, while sometimes driving downtown requires deft side-steps from time to time.

Lincoln SUVs are known for providing maximum comfort and style for the maximum number of people. Today’s vehicles have advanced safety features that are in keeping with the automaker’s historic reputation for premium luxury. Stay safe and stay stylish on whatever road you drive on during any season when you’re in a Lincoln SUV.

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