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HGH in bodybuilding is very popular, HGH Vallarta can supply your needs

HGH in bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has its origins in the 19th century in Europe, HGH in bodybuilding became much later popular. First, there was a period during the 1960s and 70s when steroids were legal and became very popular. In 1964, the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) was founded.

Arnold Schwarzenegger bursts onto the scene in the 70s. He started lifting weights when he was 15. At the young age of 20, he became Mr. Universe, only to add 7 titles of Mr. Olympia to his impressive body building career. During the 80s he got sidetracked and started a remarkable career as an actor, becoming a world-famous actor.  Between 2003 and 2011 he was the 38th Governor of California. An interesting career for a bodybuilder.

As a result, the impact Arnold, or the ‘Austrian Oak’ had on bodybuilding as a sport, cannot be denied. It is believed that synthetic HGH or human growth hormone in bodybuilding made its entrance in the early 90s. That is well after Arnold left the circuit. In the late 50s, HGH became commercially available, however, not in a synthetic version.

Nowadays, HGH and anabolic steroids find themselves back on the list of banned substances by WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency. Let it be clear that we at HGH Vallarta do not support the use of performance-enhancing drugs. What we do is providing information. Using HGH for aesthetic or athletic reasons, for non-competitive reasons, is popular with many men and women. Here is where we can provide our knowledge and expertise.

Why is HGH popular in bodybuilding?

The use of HGH in bodybuilding is so popular because it gives lean muscle mass. In other words, your body fat decreases. Do you find it difficult to keep fat off and add muscle? This is where synthetic human growth hormone can give you a boost.

If you get one of our HGH therapy cycles with daily injections, it is possible to see results within two to three weeks. Your lean body mass can increase to an average of 4.5 pounds. For the best results, you want to consider combining your HGH therapy with testosterone.

HGH with Testosterone

In this case, it is better to stand on two legs instead of one leg, figuratively speaking. HGH Vallarta can offer you an HGH/Testosterone cycle that will give you the full benefits of both products. We already discussed the benefits of human growth hormone therapy. Combine this with testosterone, and you will have an absolute winning combination. Testosterone is also known for its ability to increase muscle mass. Add to this increased bone density, better fat distribution, improved production of red blood cells, your sex drive increases, and you produce more sperm.

Think of this as a stand-alone therapy, each therapy will work superbly. However, you combine them, and you have a stellar combination that will give you great results.

Your cycle will see you take daily injections. Our licensed doctors will prescribe a combined therapy, to individual needs. For a set period, you will take daily injections. You will go off the therapy, or reduce the amount you take, and you start the cycle again, with the guidance of our team.

Bodybuilding and how HGH works

HGH travels through the bloodstream and eventually settles in your liver once it enters your body. Growth factors in your body are stimulated, with the well-known insulin-like growth factor IGF-1. That is exactly what bodybuilders are interested in, the muscle mass productive properties of IGF-1.

IGF-1 accelerates protein synthesis. For instance, when you eat, calories are redirected to this protein synthesis. Protein forms the building blocks of life and your body. This will make sure that you end up with bigger and stronger muscles. As a bodybuilder, human growth hormone plays an active role in more proteins being absorbed from the food that you eat.

Not only do cells or tissues grow bigger, but new cells are also being created. You will have an increased lean muscle mass because the cells increase in number quickly. Instead of storing body fat up, HGH is also very useful in using body fat for energy instead. As a result, you lose an overabundance of fat a lot faster. Do you like your body to look like it is chiseled? Our HGH in bodybuilding therapy helps you out with achieving your goals and dreams.

There are some more benefits, among others, HGH helps with faster injury recovery and your joints and bones become stronger.

Ordering HGH online

When you order human growth hormone online with HGH Vallarta, we can offer you the best deals you can find online. How we can do this, you ask? We order directly from the manufactures and their official distributors. This way we eliminate all middlemen. In the USA and Canada, big pharma can set the prices for their products, in Mexico we can secure different prices for you for all genuine products and brands. The prices we offer can be a third of what you can find in the USA and Canada.

Buying HGH with HGH Vallarta

Once you buy HGH with us, you will have to come and visit us in Mexico. Because HGH is FDA approved, you will need to pick it up in person and bring it back home to the USA or Canada.
What we offer in our package is:

  • A doctor visit with a blood test.
  • Personalized prescription of your therapy.
  • Genuine products from well-known HGH manufacturers, like Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Sandoz, Merck, Eli Lilly.
  • Our team will help you throughout the process.
  • Accompanying letter to cross the border going safely and easily back home with your prescription.
  • Pick up at the airport in Vallarta.

Do not hesitate to contact our English-speaking staff, to help you with your inquiries. We are happy to help and accommodate you as much as we can and make this an enjoyable experience for you. We have years of experience doing this and like to make this as smooth as we can for you.