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‘Say cheese!’ a phrase that makes us flash our toothless grin and look cheerful for a photograph. However, it may also be a moment of unease for people who do not possess those great teeth. Having pretty teeth and a beautiful smile has as much to do with oral hygiene as it has to do with inheriting good genes! Since childhood, it seems to be an emphasis to brush twice a day to maintain proper oral care. It is also because teeth, once gone, are irreplaceable. They also help us chew food, which is a critical function of human survival.

Now, we know the essential benefits of having good oral hygiene, such as preventing cavities, gum infections, reducing bad breath, etc. However, having good oral hygiene has some far-fetched benefits for our health that we commonly do not know about it yet. In this article, we will highlight some for these benefits and conclude how valuable it is to have a proper dental hygiene routine.

  • Prevent Alzheimer’s By Brushing Your Teeth:

It is quite an unknown fact that having good oral hygiene prevents memory loss. Researchers have long indicated that there might be a link between dental health and memory, but they have now gained evidence that this is true. If you do not brush your teeth, you end up building bacteria in your mouth known as Porphyromonas gingivalis. This bacteria creates a specific protein that destroys nerve cells in the brain. Researchers have also concluded that bacteria in your mouth can aggravate the causes of the life-altering disease, Alzheimer’s. That is why, while handling Alzheimer’s patients, nurses are often strictly guided regarding taking care of the patient’s dental hygiene. You will be required to have adequate awareness regarding oral health if you are a nursing professional continuing your career in handling Alzheimer’s patients after a dnp in nursing education online.

Even though poor dental care is not a direct cause, it multiplies the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by many folds. Scientists heading the research have gone to the extent of advising people, ‘Brush your teeth, prevent Alzheimer’s.’ A study published by The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society states that people who brush their teeth regularly have a 65% lesser chance of developing Alzheimer’s than those who fail to maintain good dental hygiene.

  • Bad Dental Hygiene And Stroke:

Even though this might seem unbelievable, scientists have found a link between gum disease and stroke! Gum disease can be severe, known as periodontitis, which often leads to tooth decay and loss of teeth. They can also be mild called gingivitis, which causes inflammation in the gums. The infections resulting from gum disease make blood clots, which increases the risks of strokes in the human body.

  • Boosts Confidence:

It is a ubiquitous expression of emotion to laugh or smile when you are happy. We tend to do it without even noticing. However, when you have poor oral hygiene, you get conscious of showing your teeth. You either hide your smile with your hand or do not grin that often. It may come off as a sign of a lack of confidence in the people interacting with you. You may, in actual not feel very confident about yourself and may also suffer from low self-esteem problems. It is why having good oral hygiene is essential.

Brushing your teeth does help in cleaning, however, if you suffer from severe tartar or plaque buildup, paying a visit to a public health dental hygienist may be a wiser option. They can devise a treatment plan and advise your dentist to conduct a cleanup process to remove stubborn buildups.

  • Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes:

Scientists have now resolved that severe gum disease in an individual can also multiply their chances of developing diabetes. It is because severe gum infection and periodontitis can often release some harmful germs into the individual’s bloodstream. It kicks off the body’s defense system, which can have adverse effects on the blood sugar levels. Maintaining proper dental hygiene will ensure your teeth stay clean from any infections. Since severe infections can cause numerous severe health issues, proper oral hygiene is critical for overall health.

  • Good Oral Hygiene And A Healthy Body Weight:

Maintaining a proper dental care routine ensures that your teeth stay clean and free from any bacterial buildup. However, bacterial growth may cause havoc on your weight loss journey if you fail to clean them regularly. And even if you are not on a weight loss journey, gum infections may cause you to lose your active lifestyle, here’s why.

Mouth infections can make it difficult for you to stay active since your body, when fighting with bacteria, tends to use up more resources. As a result, you may feel worn out quickly or sluggish. It may hinder your weight loss goals or avert you from your daily exercising routine.


Your teeth do so much more for your body than just adding a pretty smile. There are many apparent benefits of having good oral hygiene. However, ensuring proper dental care has a few hidden benefits as well. But these benefits are not insignificant. Poor oral hygiene can have some significant negative impacts on your overall health, such as increasing the risks of strokes or diabetes. That is why oral hygiene is critical for the overall well-being of your body. It is also essential that you get regular checkups with your dentist to guarantee your teeth stay up to the mark!