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High-tech tool called ‘Life HaX’ can unpick Lego and charge phones

Chef, entertainer, handyman, tech expert and storyteller – the modern parent is expected to do it all.

And sometimes the burden can become too much.

A new study conducted by One Poll in January this year revealed almost half of all parent see their roles as interchangeable.

The Life HaX was designed with busy parents in mind

Despite this, more women than men thought of themselves as capable, do-it-all parents.

It was with this in mind that Vauxhall designed the Life Hax, a tool designed for multi-tasking parents which contains a number of utensils to help the perpetually busy mum or dad.

Instead of a blade, the nifty tool holds an iPhone pin, a Lego un-picker, can opener with a power bank and ruler with a camera lens.

New research, which saw 2,000 British mothers and fathers interviewed, found that a third of parents wanted to see a mute button on the LifeHaX – so they could finally steal a moment of peace among their busy routines.

The modern penknife comes with a tool specifically for unpicking Lego bricks

The modern penknife comes with a tool specifically for unpicking Lego bricks

The gadget was released to accompany the Grandland X

The gadget was released to accompany the Grandland X

Despite wanting to make this tool as parent-friendly as possible, some things remained impossible.

Richard Shaw, Chief Designer at Vauxhall said of the gadget: ‘At Vauxhall, we’re always looking for ways to make drivers’ lives easier, and the Grandland X is no exception. 

‘Inspired by our new SUV, the Life HaX provides parents with the tools they need to enjoy life’s daily adventures, combining the practicality and style of the car that inspired it.’

The tool marks the launch of the Grandland X, the new SUV that was designed with modern parents in mind.

What’s in the Life HaX?  

1. Car maintenance laser – to highlight where the screen wash, oil cap and dipstick is

2. Lego unpicker – to stop you breaking your fingernails trying to unpick your children’s Lego

3. Wide-angle lens attachment – for taking Instagram snaps

4. Macro lens attachment – for awesome close-up photography

5. Power bank – for when your phone runs out of battery on the move

6. iPhone pin – for removing the SIM from your phone

7. Torch – for when you can’t see under the sofa or the back of the boot to find your children’s lost toys

8. Stylus – to give that extra precision when drawing on your tablet

9. Knot unpicker – for when the kids get in a tangle

10. Screwdriver – because traditional household jobs haven’t gone away