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Hire Offshore Talent With Cloud Employee

Are you looking for an effective way to get more from your global remote talent pool?  With Cloud Employee, you can easily find and hire the best offshore talent – without the hassle and risk of managing payroll yourself.

Hiring Offshore Talent with Cloud Employee

Offshore hiring is an increasingly popular option for businesses seeking skilled, cost-effective labor. Hiring offshore employees can allow small businesses to tap the talent of foreign workers with specialized skills, who can help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Cloud Employee is an established offshore talent provider that assists in connecting employers throughout the world to talented professionals from various countries like the Philippines, India, and more.

By working with Cloud Employee, businesses of any size and type can easily find and recruit qualified offshore employees.

Many challenges businesses face in terms of personnel recruitment and retention. Cloud Employee is committed to helping you build a virtual team through a network of highly skilled professionals who are available at competitive prices.

Cloud Employee’s commitment to customer service means that their clients enjoy complete flexibility when it comes to technical recruitment needs – at Cloud Employee they facilitate recruiting on demand, so you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts or commitments.

At Cloud Employee they provide legal compliance to ensure smooth onboarding procedures, and they even provide aftercare such as HR support and other services for your convenience.

With Cloud Employee’s outsourcing services, you have access to a pool of international talents that enables you to hire highly skilled staff from nearly any country that suits your business best quickly – whether they be software developers, designers, web developers, or QA testers – giving you a significant advantage over local recruiting efforts in terms of time savings as well as access to some of the best talents available online today.

Why Hire With Cloud Employee

Hiring offshore talent with Cloud Employee provides businesses with a range of advantages. Outsourcing to Cloud Employee’s network of offshore teams offers access to a large pool of qualified professionals and subject-matter experts who can be recruited effectively in just two weeks.

Diverse Talent Pool

With offices in the Philippines and Vietnam, Cloud Employee offers businesses access to international pools of talented professionals and subject-matter experts specializing in different technology stacks, programming languages, frameworks, and more.

Additionally, through its Talent Referral Program, businesses have access to more engineering talent than on the public job boards.

Cost Savings

Hiring offshore talent with Cloud Employee saves businesses from hiring locally since the cost per head for a software developer or other professional is lower overseas – typically only two-thirds or even half the total cost for an equivalent hire locally – due to reduced overheads.

These costs can then be redistributed into longer-term goals for product development, training, or marketing expenses. Furthermore, all costs associated with recruitment are covered by either Cloud Employee or various recruiting partners that it works closely with.

Quality Assurance

Working remotely isn’t much different from working onsite—it still requires diligence, discipline, and motivation from both employers and employees alike when delivering objectives that meet your company’s quality standards.

Both projects and productivity should still be tracked in order to guarantee success.

To ensure high levels of quality are met when outsourcing overseas via Cloud Employee, employers have direct control over the process as they have full involvement throughout—from recruitment right up until dev handover—with 24/7 support provided online.

How Cloud Employee Can Help You Find the Right Talent

Cloud Employee is a UK-managed offshore staffing company that helps businesses find the best offshore talent for their IT requirements. They are dedicated to providing an easy, flexible, and secure recruitment process, backed by in-depth candidate interviews and quality assurance checks.

At Cloud Employee they understand that hiring remote workers comes with new challenges and opportunities.

At Cloud Employee they help remove the burden of managing a remote team of software developers, designers, and data analysts through our experienced recruitment team and a secure Cloud Employee Platform (CEP).

With the Cloud Employee’s platform, employers can quickly access and hire knowledgeable tech professionals suited to their technical needs.

At Cloud Employee, curate talented candidates with various technology backgrounds such as mobile development (Android, iOS), web development (PHP/Laravel & JavaScript/React), QA testers (Manual & Automated Testing), DevOps engineers as well as content writers & marketers.

Employers are also given full control over managing projects with their offshore staff.

Cloud Employee’s services include providing HR support like payroll management, ITRF filing assistance, health insurance coverage, and more, allowing employers to concentrate on building their business using offshore talent.

With Cloud Employee’s commitment to customer satisfaction and our dedication to providing quality solutions for businesses seeking offshore talent solutions, you will get the perfect hire from the start without worrying about onboarding or managing them remotely.

Cloud Employee’s Process for Hiring Offshore Talent

Finding quality offshore talent doesn’t have to be difficult. Cloud Employee’s process makes it easy and efficient.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Client Requirements — The first step is to clearly discuss and document the requirements of your project with the Client Experience Team at Cloud Employee. This can be done via an initial call with a dedicated account manager or through an email questionnaire.

Step 2: Job Postings — Once Cloud Employee has determined your needs, your Dedicated Account Manager will begin posting job openings in several online job marketplaces. At Cloud Employee they reach out to potential candidates for you, ensuring a pool of qualified applicants who match the requirements you need for success.

Step 3: Interview & Selection — Cloud Employee team then reviews resumes and handpicks only the best-skilled professionals for your business needs, scheduling interviews tailored around your availability and preferred format.

Cloud Employee provides interview support for Skype meetings, face-to-face meetings in our office (for clients visiting Manila), or pre-recorded video interviews that clients can review at their own convenience.

Step 4: Trial Period — Once you’ve chosen a candidate, they will undergo a non-binding trial period (up to two weeks), allowing you to assess their skills further without making any long-term commitments initially.

This also gives them time to get acquainted with working as part of your remote team.

Step 5: Onboarding & Dedicated Support — At Cloud Employee then take care of all legal onboarding paperwork required by labor laws, managing contracts and HR matters on behalf of our clients so they don’t have to rely on partners or locals HR departments when expanding offshore.

All of Cloud Employee’s clients—from small business owners who want one employee up to large companies needing an entire team—receive complete customer service from their client experience staff, including regular check-ins from their dedicated account manager as needed throughout their project timelines or when transitioning new employees.

Conclusion: Why Hire Offshore Talent with Cloud Employee

Hiring offshore talent with Cloud Employee is an innovative approach to human capital, providing access to competitively priced, highly-skilled professionals and giving companies the flexibility to scale quickly.

With lower overhead costs, businesses can focus on the important task of growing and sustaining their operations, without needing to worry about recruitment, hiring, and retention fees that are associated with traditional workforce models.