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History and Creation of Coffee | From A Plant To The Drink

Hello, Coffee lover, how are you doing? Do you love to enjoy a sweet cup of coffee with family and friends? It has to be.

Coffee is one of the most favorite and beneficial beverages in the world. Its global popularity is proof of its amazing features. Physical enhancement, balance, and active sensory are benefits we can get from coffee. Besides, we are going to talk about coffee’s little history along with how to make one.

The most common type is hot coffee. People also love to have different cold coffees. But, we will especially describe, is it bad to put hot water in a coffee maker? Let’s talk about the history and making process step by step. Follow our review below.

Coffee History

Before learning about how coffee is made, it is important to learn about where coffee has come from. It will be a good topic for researching the origin along with the reason for such high global recognition.

As for history, there is no definitive collection of proof about coffee’s origin. It is believed that coffee was discovered around the Etheuopic region. According to Ethiopian coffee history, it is described as a person who accidentally ate some of the coffee fruit that is also known as cherry.

After eating them, the person felt a high energy boost and active nervous system. It increased physical smartness much more than regular. After taking the same cherries for a couple of days, he was sure of their physical and mental enhancement.

Later, he discussed the matter with the local people, and eventually, they started to take it as well. Within a short period, they started to realize how powerful and impactful the fruit is.

Later they started to get coffee fruits every day. As for world recognition, Ethiopian people started to spread into close regions and different continents. On the other hand, many people also went to them for travel or trading. With the interaction, they become aware of such a fruit.

It is not clear that ho they started to learn about using those cherries with water. But, people started to mix them with water to make a black drink.

At first, some people thought of the black color as some essence or spirit of evil thing. But, shortly they started to taste it as some people took with dare and they felt even better. Coffee has a pretty low side effect which is one of the major reasons behind such success one generation after another.

Later in the 15th and 16th centuries, coffee was widely introduced to other European countries by travelers and merchants. They knew to mix those cherries with water. By the time they also learned that the seed inside cherries is the real part that provides an energetic element.

Although, it was a little expensive because of the mysterious vibe and block color. Day by day, it spread as a high-class drink that is only suitable for higher-ups in society and guard units.

In general, there are two types of coffee beans. One of them is pretty easy to cultivate. It cost lower compared to massive production. They also cost less and are easy to grab.

On the other hand, another type is pretty hard to cultivate and does not come with massive production. They are costly enough, and depending on a hybrid type; they can cost more than $1000 for a single pack.

As we were talking, after sudden growth improvement, it started to reach even more regions. Finally, some European people were able to start cultivating it, and their strategies also worked out. Because of that, coffee got a social surge in Europe within a pretty short time.

Although, some countries had tea as the top drink. Eventually, coffee took place.

Coffee Making Procedure

We have been introduced with a quick history review of coffee. Now it is time to learn how to make coffee without a machine and even with one. From the plant, how they turned into ground coffee and then a sweet cup of coffee. There are multiple processes included with it. Let’s have a look at them.

First, the growth starts with plantation. People plant suitable seeds inside a shady place. When the seed is ready after regular watering and care, they are planted outside and ready for cultivating. After proper cultivation, they get ripe within a couple of years. During the collecting season, people collect ripe cherries from them.

If the field is pretty large, then using a machine is a better choice. Although, hand-picked cherries come with better quality. Later, they go through some selection processes and get refined in commercial machines to become ground beans with perfect color and flavor.

Recent burned, and dark coffee beans are the best for the rawest flavored coffee along with the natural aroma. You can buy them from the store or local shops.

The coffee beans come both as intact and ground coffee. You can use a grinder to make ground coffee. If your coffee maker has a built-in grinding option, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

While making coffee, use a coffee maker and a suitable amount of water for the best flavor. There is always a question like, is it bad to put hot water in a coffee maker? If your coffee maker has water boiling or warming features like hot plates, then there is no need. Else, you have to put hot water at the perfect temperature.

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There is nothing you have to do. The machine will automatically do the job and serve you a perfect warm coffee. If you have any ingredients like sugar, milk, cream, or anything else, then blend them with the hot coffee. You can even use ice for a cold coffee.

Final Word:

So, how do you like our review? We have discussed the brief history of coffee. Later, we have described how a coffee seed becomes the ingredient of your tasty drink. You can make coffee anywhere, and we have talked about how to make good coffee at home.

There may be some confusion like it is bad to put hot water in a coffee maker during the making process. But, don’t worry. As we have talked about it, follow the official guidelines to get it done without any problem. Make sure to use a coffee maker for the best flavor and efficiency in brewing.

Enjoy your coffee and follow us for even more reviews.