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History of the emergence and development of casinos

History of the emergence and development of casinos

How the sphere moved from a regular casino to an online format

There is no exact information about when the first gambling appeared. But, for sure, even ancient Greeks and Romans were fond of this art, resting on the springs. Later, such resorts grew, and everyone who was there was already gambling.

Already in the 18th century, gambling houses began to open in Europe. When this phenomenon became widespread, the state began to impose taxes on houses. All important meetings and negotiations began to be held here. In some of them, it was even possible to use the services of prostitutes. They drank and fought a lot in the casino. It is because of the prosperity of such services in gambling houses that the church began to impose a “curse” on them non gamestop casino.

Already in the 19th century, the establishments became official, they began to be guarded. It has become safe here, service and interior have improved. Gambling houses became available only to the nobility and wealthy people. Gambling has also become a hobby for wealthy people.

The origins of casinos are difficult to date. In almost every culture, there are references to gambling establishments: gambling was played in Ancient Greece and Rome, in the English Republic, and in Napoleonic France. Long before our era, gambling establishments existed in China.

In France, the first gambling establishment was opened by order of Cardinal Giulio Mazarin to replenish the treasury of Louis XIV. At the same time, the first roulette tables appeared in France. Roulette, the invention of which is credited alternately to Blaise Pascal and Francois Blanc, quickly conquered Europe – already in 1780, almost no gambling house could do without it.

One of the gambling halls for a casino in Baden-Baden (Germany)

In the first half of the 19th century, several large gambling establishments appeared in Great Britain, Germany, and Italy. In the casinos on the “waters” (in Pyrmont, Baden-Baden, Carlsbad), the nobles let go of huge fortunes. The game of Pharaoh became the reason for the ruin of many noble families in different countries of Europe. The hypnotic attraction of the card game, first described in Hoffmann’s novella The Gambler’s Happiness, has become a favorite theme in romantic literature.

European governments tried to limit the harmful effects of casinos and imposed bans on gambling. Almost all casinos in Europe were closed by 1873. Then the capital of gambling became Monte Carlo on the territory of the principality of Monaco, which did not consider it necessary to introduce any prohibitions.

In the United States, the first gambling establishments appeared only at the beginning of the 19th century. The city of New Orleans becomes the center of gambling first, then St. Louis, Chicago, and San Francisco. The role of the casino is played by saloons. Gambling is beginning to flourish, with blackjack and poker becoming especially popular Triumph Casino.

The coming to power of President Andrew Jackson and his ban on the existence of gambling establishments for almost ten years endows most casinos with illegal status. By the beginning of the 20th century, the ban on gambling came into force in almost all states. The exception is Nevada, in Las Vegas and Reno begin to build gambling houses.

Gambling establishments are moving to Cuba, where the main visitors were US citizens. Until the mid-40s, only small casinos and hotels were located in Vegas. In 1946, the Bugsy Siegel Flamingo gambling complex was opened, which lays the foundation stone for the construction of one of the world’s gambling centers. In 1978, Atlantic City received a license to open a casino, which today ranks second after Las Vegas among US gambling cities.

Online casinos

The casino developed rapidly until a new alternative appeared – virtual gambling. The first virtual casino appeared almost immediately after the emergence of the Internet – in 1996. Over the years, the technology has improved significantly, and many sites have taken up the initiative. Today there are several thousand casinos in the world, where millions of users “hang in” every day.

Two years after the appearance of the first casinos, the concept of “progressive jackpot” appeared, when small spent funds accumulate and form a single prize. Such a tidbit became a great advertisement for gamers from all over the world, and just a crazy number of gamers started playing.

Several factors contribute to the popularity of virtual casinos:

  • Convenience. There is no need to travel anywhere. To play, you only need a computer and Internet access.
  • The audience. Dozens and even hundreds of thousands of players can play in one online casino at the same time. In traditional casinos, the number of visitors is limited by the area of ​​gambling halls and the number of seats at gambling tables and slot machines.
  • Profitability. The initial investment and running costs of online casinos are significantly lower than those of traditional gambling establishments.

However, online casinos are not without drawbacks, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • Computer security. Since an Internet connection is required to play in an online casino, there is a possibility of theft of personal data, bank card data.
  • Honesty. Due to the specifics of the interaction between online casinos and players through computer networks, it is much more difficult to prove the dishonesty of the game than in the case of a traditional casino.
  • Settlements with players. It often takes a few hours to several days to transfer funds to a player’s account.
  • Technical problems. The game can be interrupted at any time due to connection problems. Work online casinos may be impaired as a result of action crackers.
  • Legislation. The activities of online casinos are often less regulated by the current legislation than traditional casinos, and in some countries, it is significantly limited or completely prohibited.

However, despite all the shortcomings, the online gambling industry is actively developing. Today, some of the largest online casinos have revenues comparable to those of major traditional casinos. Recently, social networks and app stores have played a significant role in the development of online casinos.


On the Internet, many casinos attract customers with bright advertisements, but almost all of them are almost useless. The dangerous temptations of such sites can drag in a person for a long time. Experienced players celebrate licensed online casinos. Here you will find various types of entertainment that will impress even experienced players.