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Hollywood country club wife names tennis pro having AFFAIR with her husband

Hell hath no fury! Hollywood country club wife names tennis pro having AFFAIR with her husband in scathing open letter that has outraged members of star-studded facility

  • The woman accused a member of the tennis staff at Sherwood Country Club of sleeping with her husband and ruining her family’s experience at the institution
  • Sherwood Country Club charges $125,000 initiation fees and $2,110 per month
  • Located just north of Los Angeles, it boasts a bevy of celebrity members 

A member of a ritzy Hollywood country club has written a scathing letter to the facility’s membership warning them that a tennis staffer had slept with her husband and might be looking to up her score.

The unidentified woman lives in the gated neighborhood attached to Sherwood Country Club and cautioned the community to beware of the ‘HOME WRECKER who’s working among us’ while calling the employee out by her first name, and the first letter of her surname. 

Located just north of Los Angeles, Sherwood Country Club charges $125,000 in initiation fees and $2,110 in monthly dues.

It has had a host of celebrity members including Justin Timberlake, Mel Gibson, Jack Nicholson, Caitlyn Jenner, Wayne Gretzky, Sylvester Stallone, and Will Smith.

Sources inside the club told Page Six membership has been alight with gossip over the letter, and that management has launched an investigation into the matter.

Though the irate wife said she and her husband are handling his indiscretion ‘privately,’ it remains unclear if she sent a similar letter to his place of work. It’s also unclear if the woman’s claims against the female staff member are true. 

Justin Timberlake has been a member of the club

Caitlyn Jenner has been a member of Sherwood

Justin Timberlake and Caitlyn Jenner are among numerous celebrities who have been members of the club

Jack Nicholson is listed as a former member

Mel Gibson, too, has been a member of the exclusive club

Jack Nicholson and Mel Gibson have also been members of Sherwood Country Club

In her letter, the woman wrote: ‘To my horror, I recently found out my husband had been romantically involved with one of our tennis club employees,’ according to Page Six.

‘I’m letting our community of respectable families and members [know] of this HOME WRECKER who’s working among us,’ she added.

She wrote about how she’s now unable to go to the club without seeing the woman, and that it’s ruined her and her family’s experience there.

‘I’m trying hard to avoid her; keep her away from my children, but she’s there,’ she wrote. ‘She has no respect for this community. I never expected this to happen. We engage and are friendly to employees that work here and this is what happened to our family.’

The wife added that the seductress hangs out at the neighborhood bar, and that she has to ‘see her smug smile’ whenever she’s there.

‘We chose this community for many good and healthy reasons but it’s been a nightmare. I have to see her in an exclusive club I belong to,’ the wife said, according to Page Six. ‘I’m so sad this happened in my own paradise.

‘My husband and I are working this out privately but I couldn’t remain silent,’ she added. has contacted the club for a comment, and it’s unclear if any disciplinary action is underway.  


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