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Home baker’s attempt at a unicorn cake has the internet in stitches 

The unicorn cake has been a hit among the online baking community over the past few months, with thousands of savvy home cooks taking on the challenge.

And while many have succeeded, others are yet to master the intricate dessert.  

An amused Australian woman recently attempted it using supermarket mud cakes and was left with a ‘terrifying’ creation complete with a red eyes, a clown-like mouth and a wonky horn.

‘My unicorn attempt lol! All suggestions welcome. Thankfully, this was a trial,’ she wrote on Facebook alongside a snap of the failed cake. 

While some appreciated the woman’s efforts, others were quick to mock it. 

The home baker from Australia, recently shared a photo to Facebook revealing a pink and white cake featuring red eyes, a red mouth and a red and blue horn

One woman, Kirsty wrote: ‘Omg this has made my night, I’m laughing so much I’ve got tears.’

While another, Lauren chimed in saying: ‘It’s great! My hubby’s even laughing.’

‘My gawwwd (sic) that’s funny… Unicorn from hell …’ A third, Pennyann added.

This is the unicorn cake (pictured) the woman's attempt appeared to be modeled on 

This is the unicorn cake (pictured) the woman’s attempt appeared to be modeled on 

Some also offered their thoughts as to what they thought the cake actually looked like. 

One person said it looked a ‘cat with a tail’ while another said ‘I thought it was Spiderman for a second’.

A few were also concerned the cake looked a little on the ‘evil side’ with one person even going as far as to offer a suggestion as to how to remedy this.

‘Maybe purchase a pre-made unicorn horn and maybe avoid red and blue together, they wrote.

‘Quite strong colours lending itself the devilish look awesome for Halloween though!

‘I’d hate to see my attempt at a unicorn later this month,’ they added before saying ‘wish me luck.’

The woman who shared a photo of the cake said her attempt was 'thankfully a trial'

The woman who shared a photo of the cake said her attempt was ‘thankfully a trial’

‘Looks like an evil cat,’ one person said rather bluntly, ‘but it will taste great I’m sure!’ 

While another added: ‘This is what nightmares are made of.’

Although the cake wasn’t as good as it could have possibly been, many congratulated the woman on her attempt.

One woman Amy wrote: ‘Made with love so it’s awesome in my opinion.’

‘I’ll try to make you feel better,’ Sarai wrote, ‘It is better than I have ever done.’