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Homeopathic doctor ‘sexually assaulted two women’

Alternative therapist Brian Williams, pictured, 69, is accused of sexually assaulting two female patients while giving massages

A homeopathic doctor sexually assaulted two female patients while giving massages, a court heard today.

Alternative therapist Brian Williams, 69, is accused of becoming aroused while treating the women on a leather couch in his surgery.

One of the alleged victims told how she felt something ‘warm and springy’ pressing into her side during the back massage.

But qualified reiki practitioner Williams claims it was the wallet in the pocket of his trousers.

The court heard Williams offered to massage the women’s ovaries during consultations at his surgery.

One of the alleged victims said his massage technique was so poor ‘he may as well have been washing a car’.

Williams started his consultation by dangling a crystal on a thread over the woman’s hand, a practice known as dousing.

The court heard he diagnosed a hormone imbalance from the way the crystal reacted.

Prosecutor Carina Hughes said: ‘She went to see him because she was lethargic, her hair was thinning and she had trouble sleeping.

‘Williams asked her if he could massage her ovaries – he then asked her to lay face down and undid her bra strap.

‘He massaged her shoulders before moving down her body and along the contours of her breasts.’

The court heard the mother-of-three ‘froze’ while Williams carried out the massaging motion three times.

Miss Hughes said: ‘She felt the defendant pressing against her – she said it was something warm, hard and springy.

‘He obtained sexual gratification by preying on two vulnerable women, sexually assaulting them in his work as a homeopathic doctor.’

The patient said she trusted Williams because relatives had used him and he had certificates in his surgery at his home in the village of Glasbury-on-Wye, Powys.

The woman, in her mid-thirties, said: ‘I put my hand out and Brian Williams held a thread with a crystal on it.

‘He offered to give me a back massage to relieve stress and because he is qualified in reiki I accepted.’

The court heard Williams first massaged the women’s ovaries through her jeans using rotating hand movements as she lay face up on the couch.

She said: ‘I thought it was odd. I’m open to alternative medicine but it was not something I’d heard of.’

Williams asked the patient to turn over and allegedly undid her bra strap without asking.

She said: ‘He was fumbling and it felt very unprofessional. I questioned his confidence.

‘I removed my bra completely as I felt it might compromise the reiki back massage.

‘He started on my shoulders, he was quite rough with no technique at all. He may as well have been washing his car.

‘He moved his hands down the contours of my body touching my breasts – he did it three times.’

From behind a screen at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court the woman told how she felt something pressing into her side.

She said: ‘It felt warm and springy, like he had got an erection.

‘I felt really violated, quite sick. I froze in disbelief, I was numb. I could not wait for him to finish and get out of the room.’

The woman, who can’t be named for legal reasons, paid Williams his consultation fee but later cancelled her follow-up appointment with him.

Williams denies the charges and a trial continues at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court, pictured

Williams denies the charges and a trial continues at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court, pictured

Susan Ferrier, defending, suggested the patient had felt the therapist’s wallet in his trouser pocket.

The woman replied: ‘Do you get springy warm wallets? I don’t think so.

‘The fact that he got an erection and pressed it into me is pretty horrific.

‘I have lost my faith in any alternative medicines.’

The court heard Williams’s wife was at home during the consultation at his village practice in March 2015.

Williams allegedly offered to massage the ovaries of a second woman patient who went to see him with eczema and low energy levels.

She also claims he ‘inappropriately’ pressed himself against her side while visiting his surgery in 2016.

Williams denies four charges of sexual assault. The trial continues. 

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