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Honda Australia recalls 20,000 cars over fears a faulty fuel pump

Honda recalls 20,000 Civics, Accords and Jazz models over fears a faulty fuel pump could stall the engine causing ‘injury or DEATH’

Honda Australia has made an urgent recall on eight different models due to a faulty fuel pump.

The faulty pump affects more than 22,000 cars in Australia. 

Product Safety Australia warned the issue could stall the engine while driving or stop the motor from starting, ‘increasing the risk of accident and may result in serious injury or death’.

The cars were sold between July 26, 2018, and May 12, 2020. 

‘Due to an improper manufacturing process, a component within the fuel pump could swell, causing the fuel pump to become inoperative,’ Product Safety Australia said.

‘Consumers can contact the service department of their preferred Honda dealer to make a booking to have the repair conducted free of charge.’

For more information, visit the Product Safety Australia website.

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The affected models are: 

Honda Accord – Model Year 2018, 66 affected vehicles 

Honda City – Model Year 2019, 390 affected vehicles 

Honda Civic – Model Year 2018, 5,210 affected vehicles 

Honda CR-V – Model Year 2018-2019, 7,361 affected vehicles 

Honda HR-V – Model Year 2018, 6,438 affected vehicles 

Honda Jazz – Model Year 2019, 2,790 affected vehicles 

Honda Civic Type R – Model Year 2018, 110 affected vehicles 

Honda NSX – Model Year 2019, 1 affected vehicle