HOROSCOPE: You can set an example, Taurus

HOROSCOPE: You can set an example, Taurus

Taurus 21 APRIL-21 MAY You can’t change the world but you can change yourself and, if you are in the right place at the right time this week, your efforts will have a positive effect on the lives of many. You can’t force people to think or act like you – but you can set an example. CALL 0904 470 1162 (65p per minute)*

Gemini 22 MAY-21 JUNE What seems like a setback now will appear much more positive later in the week, so don’t lose your temper or pick an argument with someone you suspect of plotting against you. Even if they are, there is not a lot you can do about it – yet. CALL 0904 470 1163 (65p per minute)*

Cancer 22 JUNE-23 JULY Your thoughts may be far away but you still have responsibilities close to home, ones that will take on an extra dimension when action planet Mars moves into your sign on Thursday. Enjoy your dreams but don’t lose touch with reality. CALL 0904 470 1164 (65p per minute)*

Leo 24 JULY-23 AUG You have the power to change a lot, but the things you really want to change are out of your control. Frustrating – but not that much needs altering. It could just be your perspective that’s wrong. If so, it will alter for the better very soon. CALL 0904 470 1165 (65p per minute)*

Virgo 24 AUG-23 SEPT If you want something badly enough this week, you will find a way to get it – then having got it you may decide it’s not as great as you expected. But as it’s the sense of achievement at overcoming challenges that you enjoy, keep on working towards your goal. CALL 0904 470 1166 (65p per minute)*

Libra 24 SEPT-23 OCT Because you have been working so hard recently, partners and loved ones no doubt feel neglected. Once Venus, your ruler, changes signs on Wednesday, you can remind them they mean more to you than anything in the world. But for now, work on. CALL 0904 470 1167 (65p per minute)*

Scorpio 24 OCT-22 NOV  This is a fortunate time for you and almost anything you do will be a success if you put your mind to it and don’t get distracted every time something catches your eye. If you work hard and play hard this week, life won’t seem hard in the least. CALL 0904 470 1168 (65p per minute)*

Sagittarius 23 NOV-21 DEC Communication is what counts this week. Keep your long-term aims to yourself, by all means, but on a day-to-day level, you must let those you are working with know what you expect. A Sun-Pluto link warns that misunderstandings could be costly. CALL 0904 470 1169 (65p per minute)*

Capricorn 22 DEC-20 JAN You may be exhausted but you must push yourself a bit harder this week. One final effort may be all it takes to open a door that has been bolted for too long. There’s a time to work but now it’s almost time to reward yourself with a well-earned break. CALL 0904 470 1170 (65p per minute)*

Aquarius 21 JAN-19 FEB The odds are heavily in your favour, so make the most of them. You don’t have to take unnecessary risks but you do have to realise that the opportunity you’re about to be offered won’t be around for long. Take advantage of it as soon as possible. CALL 0904 470 1171 (65p per minute)*

Pisces 20 FEB-20 MARCH Give colleagues and partners the benefit of the doubt this week, even if you suspect they’re taking advantage of you. Pretend not to notice if they help themselves to something that is technically yours. It is nothing to get angry about, so let them have it. CALL 0904 470 1172 (65p per minute)*

Aries 21 MARCH-20 APRIL There is an air of expectation in your life, as if you know something important is about to happen but don’t have the first idea of what it might be. It could well be a pleasant surprise but don’t try to anticipate it or it won’t be a surprise at all. CALL 0904 470 1161 (65p per minute)*

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