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HOROSCOPES: Make sure your foundations are solid

HOROSCOPES: Make sure your foundations are solid

Cancer 22 JUNE-23 JULY If the plan is good then even a bad move will have positive results. If the plan is bad then even a good move won’t rescue it. Before you start work on a new enterprise make sure that the foundations are solid. Solar and lunar activity affecting your birth sign indicates that you are going to be doing a lot of building work over the next few weeks. CALL 0904 470 1164 (65p per minute)*

Leo 24 JULY-23 AUG Once the Sun moves into your birth sign next weekend your confidence will soar. No challenge will be too big for you: no mountain too high, no river too wide, no enemy too strong. The next few weeks should be very special indeed. To make certain they are, just be yourself. CALL 0904 470 1165 (65p per minute)*

Virgo 24 AUG-23 SEPT You won’t trust your feelings this week and, as you won’t want to make a scene, you may withdraw into your shell and refuse to communicate. However, would it not be better to try to explain why you feel so low? Or do you secretly enjoy being misunderstood? CALL 0904 470 1166 (65p per minute)*

Libra 24 SEPT-23 OCT Working alone can get you only so far. There comes a time to join hands, to achieve as a group what you cannot achieve as an individual. There is one subject above all others that intrigues and attracts you. It is time to think about ways to get more directly involved. CALL 0904 470 1167 (65p per minute)*

Scorpio 24 OCT-22 NOV There are times when even Scorpios need to slow down and decide what they want to achieve. The Sun’s imminent transit of the success angle of your chart heralds your time to move up in the world. But first you must convince yourself that it really is what you want. CALL 0904 470 1168 (65p per minute)*

Sagittarius 23 NOV-21 DEC Don’t worry if you feel trapped, unable to break out of a rut. Your chart suggests it’s just a matter of time until you’re on the move again. But don’t go back the way you came. Move forwards; try something new. The more exotic the offer, the more you might enjoy it. CALL 0904 470 1169 (65p per minute)*

Capricorn 22 DEC-20 JAN You seem to be worrying without sufficient cause, whereas often you are too confident without sufficient cause. The Sun in Leo from next weekend will do little to ease your fears but you can do plenty. Start by refusing to take a money problem so seriously. CALL 0904 470 1170 (65p per minute)*

Aquarius 21 JAN-19 FEB If you have negative feelings about someone close you should disclose them now or let them go. You will get many chances to build bridges with people you love and respect in the weeks ahead but they risk collapse if you stubbornly cling to secret grievances. CALL 0904 470 1171 (65p per minute)*

Pisces 20 FEB-20 MARCH Your workload is about to go through the roof. Are you prepared and looking forward to the experience? Even if your answer is a resounding ‘no’ you have nothing to fear. Like most people, you never reach your full potential. That is about to change. CALL 0904 470 1172 (65p per minute)*

Aries 21 MARCH-20 APRIL You don’t need to be told about courage and ambition – you have more than enough to be going on with. Strangely, what you do need is someone to give you permission to be yourself, to follow your star even if no one else can see it. You’re about to get it – so go for it. CALL 0904 470 1161 (65p per minute)*

Taurus 21 APRIL-21 MAY Family issues are uppermost in your mind just now, and will continue to be so after the Sun enters the domestic area of your chart next weekend. Fortunately, you will cope with ease. Remember: your word is law – partners and loved ones will respect your decisions. CALL 0904 470 1162 (65p per minute)*

Gemini 22 MAY-21 JUNE Who cares what the neighbours think? Or what it costs? If you feel like letting your hair down this week, do so and worry about next week when it comes. In fact, next week is going to be rather good too, and the week after that, and the week after that, and… you get the idea! CALL 0904 470 1163 (65p per minute)*


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*For a fuller forecast, call the number next to your star sign above. Calls cost 65p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge and will last no longer than 6 minutes. SP: DMG Mobile & TV. Helpline: 0808 272 0808