Horrifying moment thug stamps on unconscious man in pub

A father-of-four has been jailed for a prolonged attack on a pub goer that continued even after the victim was unconscious.

Mark Quigley was drinking The Yellow Earl pub in Cumbria when he lost his temper with Ryan Burns, grabbing him by the throat from a bar stool and throwing him to the ground.

The victim, described a ‘happy drunk’, was ‘almost half asleep’ when he came under attack, from Quigley, who also worked at the Sellafield nuclear power plant.

The victim was already unconscious by the time Quigley, 43, stamped hard on his face four times.

Horrified witnesses looked on during the attack, including Quigley’ wife, a nurse who came to Mr Burns’ assistance and placed him in the recovery position.

Quigley was said to have urged her ‘don’t help him’ and ‘let him bleed out’, The Sun reported.

Quigley dragged the victim off his stool and then threw him to the floor of the pub, then stamped on him

A member pub staff ‘vomited’ after seeing the violence, which was graphically caught on pub CCTV footage and later leaked on social media.

Another man, aged 26, suffered injuries amid the chaotic scenes in the pub.

The crime had a profound effect on Mr Burns, who suffered four facial fractures and still bears some injuries.

Quigley admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He was backed by a raft of supportive character references in which he was said generally to be ‘calm, reasonable and dedicated to his family’.

Quigley, of Hillcrest Avenue, Whitehaven, was jailed for six years and nine months.

Claire Larton, prosecuting, told Carlisle Crown Court today Qugley was described as being ‘like a man possessed’ during the violence.

Drinkers look on in horror as Quigley continued the assault, even after the victim was unconscious 

Drinkers look on in horror as Quigley continued the assault, even after the victim was unconscious 

Reading out the victim’s personal statement she said: ‘I have not been out socially since the incident and I don’t think that I will go out socially again.’

Quigley appeared in court last month and pleaded guilty to section 18 grievous bodily harm.

It is understood that the victim, who suffered serious head injuries during the ordeal, had previously dated Quigley’s ex-girlfriend.

Kim Whitlestone, defending Quigley, said: ‘He said that this was a moment of madness that he bitterly regrets.

‘The defendant maintains that something was said that caused him to react in that way. All of the references speak of him as a calm, reasonable and thoughtful man.

‘His wife’s reaction to this incident was to help the complainant. She is not a lady who would involve herself with a man who regularly behaves in an aggressive way.

‘Any time this man spends in custody is to be detrimental to his family.’


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