HORSE Poker – Rules and Strategies

Poker is without a doubt one of the more popular casino games. If this isn’t your thing though, a lot of people will opt instead for Blackjack. This is a much easier card game to understand and is therefore less technical. One great advantage of Blackjack is the ability to play one against one with the house. This means you and the dealer go head to head to see who can win the pot. Poker though is where the big money is at. The tournaments around the globe can earn the winners tens and hundreds of thousands in prize money, plus invitations back to other big events.

Poker is actually a collection of a family of card games that involve betting. These games share a common set of rules with variations over different games. One of the popular forms of Poker is the H.O.R.S.E. poker. When playing poker at you need to be aware of the rules, before you start playing. It’s also worth knowing a little about the history of the game too. The game can be played as an ordinary house play or as a casino tournament. There are various famous tournaments being held both online and in casinos for this game.

The Game Play

This involves the combined play of the Hold ‘em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Razz, 7 Stud and Stud Eight or better, which are variations of Poker. The game-play starts with the game Hold ‘em and ends with the game Stud Eight or Better. The game has the same rules of the variations of poker and the play is changed in fixed intervals. Sometimes there are also variations on the time period, and the play changes after a round of every game.

The game goes on until all the players are defeated except the single person who has won the entire amount that has been bet. The timing interval between the changes of the poker variations is upto the director of the tournament who creates the rules for that particular tournament.

The Strategy and Managing the Bets:

The area where the gambler has to concentrate most on is the Razz version of Poker. This is due to the fact that most don’t have enough practice for that game. Also betting should be done considerately during the Hold ‘em strategy since it is the time the odds can be expected to turn towards the player. The Omaha Hi-Lo has to be played with a deft hand and the starting hands should be restricted so that both the High and Low of the game could be won.

Great starting hands that can make nut flush, a strong full house and the nut low hand include A,A,2,3 or A,K,2,3 with both suited Aces. It also helps to keep in mind that pairs count against a low hand so there must be 3 unique cards under 8 to qualify. In the 7 stud the best way to win is to pay good attention to the other players betting patterns and their exposed cards and then make the bets. The best possible hand is a straight A, A, A. For the Stud Eight, the low hand must contain 5 unique cards 8 or lower to qualify. The low hand can split the pot with the high hand and it is possible for one player to win the entire pot of bets.