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Horse racing betting strategy

Racing in the Foggy Albion, also known as “the sport of kings” obeys only the men of spirit. The same applies to the bets on these competitions. In racing, the bet “just like that” will not work. If you want to bet without bothering to search for information about horses and jockeys, it is better to play roulette.

Over the years of its existence, the rules of racing have been brought to the ideal. Horse racing rates have improved as well. The technique developed by gamblers works successfully and brings players decent money.

Basic strategies of horse racing betting

In horse racing, even the bookmakers themselves present such attractive odds options that it would be wrong to ignore them and not to use one of the existing strategies:

–     the simplest and most profitable horse racing betting strategy is Trixie. To do this, the player needs to choose three leaders participating in the races on 3 racetracks. Then they put three Expresses, consisting of two options for completing the race, and one triple. The main requirement of this method is that the coefficient level for each selected horse is not less than 2.00. The win is guaranteed in case of two wins out of three.

–     another interesting and effective strategy of betting on horse racing is placing bets on the favorites of the first starts. It must be combined and represent two single and one double Express. The finish will please the player with earnings only at a rate of not less than 2.00.

–    the technique with the same name that allows you to follow the money consists of monitoring the changing coefficient on several outsiders races. A stable decrease in the coefficients on the outsider horse with simultaneous active bets on it means a good potential of the animal. Armed with the information about the animal, you can bet on her winning the class prize.

–    strategies work best only in the first three days of racing since the beginning of the competition coincides with the release of beginners. Therefore, strong favorites are more likely to come first.

Players who are not sure that the strategy of betting on the horse race will work, have an opportunity to play safe with All Rights Reserved. The insurance bet is intended for this purpose. By betting on a lower coefficient, the player gets his/her money back in case of a non-played bet.

What should be taken into account when placing bets?

Jockey’s experience

The distance of the race (some horses are good at short distances, others- at long)

Age, weight, and character of the horse, as well as the stability of its results

Time of the race, as well as whether the horse managed to recover from the previous races

Statistics (results, injuries, etc.)

How to make money on horse racing?

Making profitable bets on horse racing is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. To achieve good results, it is necessary to be interested in this sport and regularly watch the broadcast of races. Only in this case, you will have a chance to earn on horse races.

The best strategy of betting on horse racing

Lots of betting strategies are used in horse racing, but none of them will give you a guarantee of earnings. However, there is a betting tactic that gives excellent results if skillfully mastered. Those who have inside information gain a lot of money on betting. Unfortunately, we don’t possess this underground information, but do not worry, as there is a way to calculate suspicious rates on the coefficients. The essence of this method is to monitor the coefficients on the day of the race. If the coefficient sags significantly, someone put a large sum on this horse. The player will not risk big money just like that, so he/she knows something, and we need to take advantage of this.