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House rented to women on Airbnb becomes brothel for two weeks in Dunedin, New Zealand

Homeowner is left horrified after Airbnb guests turned his family home into a busy BROTHEL for two weeks while he was on holiday

  • House rented in New Zealand was turned into a brothel by two Chinese women 
  • Neighbours saw a series of cars outside the house and men coming and going 
  • Home owner said after he returned a man came and asked where the girls were

A homeowner was horrified to learn the house he had rented out on Airbnb had been transformed into a brothel.

Two Chinese women stayed at the home on a quiet street in Dunedin, New Zealand, while the owner was travelling through Asia in July and August.

Curtains were drawn, heaters filled the house and neighbours witnessed a flood of men constantly coming and going for two weeks while the homeowner was away.

Two Chinese women rented the property in Dunedin, New Zealand, turning it into a brothel for two weeks (file image) 

‘It’s been the family home for 55 years. I just have that feeling of being violated,’ the man told The Otago Daily Times. 

He claimed when he returned after his trip, the house ‘felt icky and stank of cheap perfumes’.

A stack of 50 toilet paper rolls had gone missing as well as some towels.

A plumber was eventually called after the hot water system broke, and while he worked said he noticed the women drank heavily.

‘It was very obvious what was going on,’ he said.

The pair running the brothel had four phones, a room each and worked through all hours of the night.

Only a few days after his return, the house owner said he had a knock on the door from a man who asked where the girls were.

A neighbour saw the confrontation unfold and said she had seen him before at the property while he had been away.

‘They were all men. They wouldn’t stay very long, usually 20 minutes, some for a bit longer. I first noticed the light on at night and we started getting suspicious,’ a neighbour said.

Another neighbour said he saw a ‘scruffy’ looking man outside the house.

The man said he had felt 'violated' after his house of 55 years had been turned into a brothel (pictured Airbnb)

The man said he had felt ‘violated’ after his house of 55 years had been turned into a brothel (pictured Airbnb)

Police said inquiries were taking place but there was no criminal offending.

The homeowner received $1770 for the guests but his power usage bill came in at $600 – more than four times the usual amount.

He was also left out of pocket by hundreds of dollars due to cleaning and plumbing fees and is asking Airbnb to pay for his ’emotional trauma’.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Airbnb for comment.



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