How a Reminder App Can Benefit Your Medical Practice?

The practice of Medicine has improved alongside technology. Patients and medical practitioners alike have found new ways to improve the quality of health care. Some of today’s innovations are the automated appointment applications that allow health care providers to communicate with their patients in a more efficient manner. Having patients come to your doorstep is one thing, keeping them satisfied is another task. There are now newly-developed applications and sites that can help your healthcare grow and prosper in this new normal. is an automated marketing platform that can help attract new patients and keep them subscribed to your services. Listed down below are the functionalities of the application that are very beneficial to your medical practice.

Online appointment booking allows patients to set appointments at the comfort of their homes. It is accessible through your customized web page which you can easily link to your social media platforms. It gives patients the ability to create their own schedule and choose their service provider in just a click away. It can also save the time and energy of both your staff and the patient in exchanging phone calls to set appointments.

Automated appointment reminders

Not only does enable patients to schedule their appointments online, but it also provides automated appointment reminders. These reminders are received by patients who successfully set their appointments through the online appointment booking platform. These automated appointment reminders can be received by patients either by email, mobile app or live desktop app, Through the help of this automated appointment reminder, it can be guaranteed that patients will not miss their schedule. With the convenience offered by these automated appointment reminders, it can also help you keep patients subscribed to your services.

With the help of these automated appointment reminders, the number of patients who schedule appointments and subscribe to your services can be increased. The following functionalities of Demandforce are beneficial not only in increasing patient engagement but also in improvement.

Reminders via email, text, and voice

This function ensures that patients do not miss their appointments. Reminders are sent to them either through email, text messaging, or voice calls. This feature is very beneficial to patients. It makes them feel they are valued and your business is looking forward to serving their needs.

Flexible reminders builder

Through the flexible reminders builder, Demandforce enables you, as the service provider to maximize your response to the patient. This allows you to create different types of reminders for different kinds of events. This feature allows you to set the following kinds of reminders as needed:

  • Save the date reminder – this reminder can be sent out to clients to notify them of their successful appointment booking through the portal they’ve selected – either via \ mobile application or live desktop application
  • Pre-appointment reminder – it also allows you to create reminders day/s before the patient’s schedule. This is very helpful especially to those patients who have a busy schedule. This can help them manage their time properly and ensure that they are in your location on or before the schedule they set.
  • Day-of / follow-up reminder – this is also a helpful feature that enables you to provide reminders to patients on the day of their appointment. You can also set up the system to send out reminders for your patients’ follow-up appointments.
  • Reminders for specific treatments or appointment types – this Demandforce feature allows you to curate different types of appointment reminders for different treatments or offers. This can be sent out to patients in your database so they can be informed of the available schedule of your services.

Fallback reminders

This system function allows you to have control over the set of reminders being sent to your patients. You have the choice of which type of notifications – either email, text message, voice, or a combination of all three will be sent to your patients.

This automated reminder application can benefit your medical practice by allowing you to spend more time improving healthcare over doing administrative tasks.