How an enterprise SEO agency is Different Than a Normal SEO Agency?

Every business owner looking to improve their online presence knows about SEO, and why it is important for them. Only with proper and apt SEO strategy, a business can achieve its goals/targets. In fact, the growing competition made it necessary to go for the right SEO strategy. And this is where the importance of hiring an enterprise SEO agency comes to play for medium and large-scale organizations. But what is it and how different it is from traditional SEO practices? To provide a clear picture some major differences between regular and enterprise SEO has been mentioned next:

What is enterprise SEO?

When it comes to the fundamentals, both types of SEO are almost the same. However, the main differences are in execution and characteristics of each type of strategy. Normal SEO will have a smaller team whereas, by hiring an enterprise SEO agency, you will get a larger team where each SEO expert will have a specific niche and/or duty on which they will focus on.

The job of this specialized larger team is to dig deeper in order identify any issue and work to provide a positive and desired result. To begin with, unlike the regular SEO team, this larger team is working with large traffic volumes. Thus, as a result, for these larger companies even a minute spike in organic traffic because of the experts will mean thousands of new targeted audiences.


The business’s location is taken into consideration in case of local SEO. So, there is a geographical limit in this kind of SEO. Traditional SEO is for businesses that are physically present for their targeted audience. On the other hand, there are no such geographical boundaries in case of enterprise SEO.

SEO Tools

When it comes to traditional SEO, review trackers, Google Adwords keyword planner, ahrefs, a local citation finder and other such tools are used. But,when you are working with an enterprise SEO agency, some of the complex tools that are used are Lindex, SEO Clarity, webpage test, BrightEdge, Google Webmaster tool, Conductor Searchlight and other such tools. Here it is important to mention that tools are used as per requirements. So, besides these mentioned SEO tools, other tools are used as well to provide an accurate and effective SEO strategy.


When it comes to enterprise SEO, some of the strategies that a reputed agency uses will focus on external and internal linking along with content expansion. Normal SEO, on the other hand, is known for using strategies like link building on a local level, reputation management, local content generation and such other strategies to improve local search listings.


As we all know, SEO’s purpose is to get a high-rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). So, it will include some important factors like phone number, address. But these are not considered essential in case of enterprise SEO. An experienced enterprise SEO agency will not bother themselves with customer reviews, local content and Google listings.

This was just an idea to help you understand the major difference between the two types of SEO. To know more about the subject, it is highly recommended that you contact an expert and qualified enterprise SEO agency as they will be able to provide a more detailed answer. So, contact such an agency to know more!