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How Are Insulated Wires Made and Why Are Wires Insulated?

Nowadays, insulated wires are everywhere and the service of insulated wire has been further expanded to meet the soaring demands. There are many varieties and types of wire insulation material. Among all the diverse applications of insulated wire. In this article, we will try to answer two primary questions: Why are wires insulated? and How is insulated wire made?

What Are Insulated Wires?

Insulated wires are made up of non-conductive material that creates resistance. The main aim of wire insulation is to protect it from environmental changes and short circuits. Insulated wires prevent the electricity from coming into contact with different other conductors. Apart from this, here are other points that prove why do we insulate wires:

  • The electrical wire insulation keeps it safe from environmental threats, heat, and water.
  • Moreover, insulation is mandatory to resist the electrical leakage
  • Due to insulation, you can enhance the wires’ flexibility. As a result, the cables can easily bend and reach the corners.

However, there are different types, styles, and varieties of insulated wire material. But the long life of the wire depends on the insulation quality and material. So, it is vital to select a company that already has a reputation for producing the best quality insulated electrical wires.

Common Types of Wire Insulation

Type of insulation Qualities
Clay Best for high voltage and RF insulators
Plastic Replaced rubber and PVC, and nylon are the most used types
Paper Work as insulators in few situations
Mica Good stable material and thermal conductor
Teflon Widely used in cable jackets
PFA Keep safe from chemical attacks, transparent and flexible
Rubber The natural and synthetic material used an insulator before 1870
Wax & oil In 1880 it was used as wire insulation for underground wires.

Importance of using insulated wires: Why are wires insulated?

“Prevention is always better”

Insulation can fail in many ways, like if the voltage is too high or low. The structure of an electrical wire has a lot of importance, especially if the wire is for outdoor use. So, in this situation, it is vital to use insulated cables. If you aren’t using high-quality insulation, then the wire will get damage quickly. In the above section, we tried to mention few reasons for using wire insulation. But apart from those, insulation keeps the wire safe from wearing out by keeping all metals in the right place. On the other hand, the un-insulated wire could be a cause of severe accidents. In short, insulated cables are the need of time, and you shouldn’t compromise on safety.

How is insulated wire made? An ultimate guide:

If you do a deep search, then PVC is the best wire insulation material. But if you want a detailed guide, then know the process to make wire insulation. However, here are the required tools for wire insulation:

  • Grab some ducts to pass cables
  • Sheaths could work as a replacement for ducts
  • Mortar for creating holes in the wall to insert cables
  • Silicon if you have wall glass

If you have all the required material and tools, it takes less time to adjust insulated wires. Apart from this, the material is the same for both indoor and outdoor wire insulation.

Steps to set up the insulated wires

Insulation failure is a common problem. So, use the best quality insulated wires and install them by following all the proper steps and precautions.

  • At the first step, disconnect the electricity supply to prevent any unfortunate incident.
  • Moreover, measure the length of the electrical that you need to use in the process.
  • Now clean the entire cable to avoid any interruption. Apart from this, ensure that the wire is free from damages because a damaged wire can enhance the risk.

(Note: Insulation works for everything from capacitors to generators. Use the ducts to pass cables. Apart from this, ensure that the whole wire is insulated and fully covered.)

Final verdict

In this writing, we discussed different insulation wires and the right ways to do the process. But you can’t efficiently install the wire if the insulation quality is sub-standard. So, it is vital to select a reputable company that offers a complete package.

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