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How Bloggers and Influencers Prove Beneficial for Promoting Content on Social Media

It is tough to imagine successful online marketing without social media. Promoting your content through social media is a tricky job. You have to take care of lots of aspects at a time in order to get maximum return out of your social media efforts. Social media marketing has several aspects. Promoting your content through popular bloggers and influencers is one such aspect that every online marketer considers seriously when they want to expand their online presence.

What is Content Marketing on Social Media through Bloggers and Influencers

There is nothing new in social media marketing. Companies and individuals are using social media as an effective marketing tool for years but the recent trend is diverting to promoting content on social media through popular bloggers and influencers. The reasons why this form of influencer marketing program has been getting more attention are manifold:

  • Social media as a whole is an endless domain. In fact, with the passage of time, more and more social networking sites surfacing. Some of them are doing really good like the pioneering social media sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Quora. Taking support of bloggers and influencers actually known as Other People’s Network (OPN) helps to channelize the promotional efforts in a proper way.
  • Influencers are those who have established their worth in social media and possessing millions of followers. Followers keep every update of influencers. Hence, content promotion through influencers obtains a quick result.
  • Both bloggers and influencers have already built a strong audience of a particular type. When you have a plan of promoting your content in social media, you can quickly pick up just selecting top influencers in your domain and any domains close to your subject.

Thus content marketing on social media through top bloggers and influencers actually more effective, of course, if you can identify the perfect ones.

How to Grab the Opportunity

  • Start with proper target and planning – Ask yourself or just discuss with your team, why do we need bloggers and influencers on social media to promote our content? Like any other digital or physical marketing campaign, in this domain also you need to have a proper target, planning, and strategy. The target should be realistic and measurable. That means you must have a clear understanding of your gains in case this promotional strategy works. As the target is clear, you need to plan accordingly. You have to select all categories of bloggers and influencers whose social media pages are the right choice for your content promotion.
  • Be selective regarding social media platforms – It is vital to pick the right platforms for your content promotion in this way. Your choice of social media platform depends on two factors who are your primary audience and what kinds of content do you want to promote. For instance, if your targeted audience is any age, you can start with Facebook and Twitter but if it is a video-based content for any age then Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo are better options; again, your content is meant for B2B clients or prospects, LinkedIn can be a good choice. So, while choosing the platform you have to ensure that the platform is the best one to optimize the message inherent in your content.
  • Select the right bloggers and influencers – As your target, planning, and platforms are determined, you have to decide on which bloggers and influencers in those platforms will be good enough to meet your purpose. Influencers mostly focus on specific subjects. So, your job of finding influencers and bloggers will not be a tough job. You have to keep the focus on your target. This means you have to find only those influencers whose audiences will be interested in your content. There are two levels of influencers in social media, micro-influencers and macro-influencers. It is always feasible to choose micro-influencers if you are new to this form of the promotional campaign. Micro-influencers or bloggers with limited but highly engaged audiences are more advantageous than choosing a macro influencer or blogger with a large or very large but scattered audience. But, as you get satisfied with your content promotion through micro-influencers, you can then move on to macro-influencers.
  • Get in touch with the bloggers and influencers – Contacting bloggers and influencers over different social media platform is not a tough job; however, you cannot expect an immediate response from everyone you approach. In some cases, you may have to send emails or messages several times. Most of the popular bloggers and influencers have clear work strategies in this matter. So, they will provide the required information immediately if they are really interested in your content. Just keep in mind that influencers and popular bloggers expect the best content appropriate for their pages. That means, if an influencer’s subject is mobile phones and laptops, he will not welcome content on travel and tourism.
  • If money matters then move strategically – As you are going to pay agreed amounts to the influencers or bloggers, you have to be strategic in selecting the influencers and bloggers. Moreover, your content should also be target oriented and professionally prepared one. When you are planning to start content marketing in this way through several influencers and bloggers, the total budget will become a pretty good amount. So, right-size your budget at first and then approach the influencers. Here again, micro-influencers with limited audience bases will be better at the initial stage than contacting macro-influencers.
  • Follow up every week – Never depend on any kind of predictions and assumptions. Follow up weekly to get a clear picture of what this campaign is actually fetching. If the results are optimistic you can deepen your relationship with the influencer or blogger and continue your promotional campaign with him till you are getting steady improvement in the result.

Investing time and money on promoting your content on social media by bloggers and influencers, you actually avail the advantage of an established market. Top bloggers and influencers help you to get more and more visitors to your site and social media pages. In this highly competitive market, this is one of the best digital marketing tools for individuals and organizations interested in reaching wider audiences.