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How Brands Can Use Facebook Messenger Recurring Message Notifications

Meta’s Recurring Message Notifications is a tool that allows marketers to send content to their subscribers on a recurring basis. This way, the marketing team can stay on top of what their audience wants and needs.

The tool is mainly used for delivering content, but it can also be used for tracking customer behavior patterns and engagement rates.

Using Meta’s Recurring Message Notifications for Promotions

It’s no secret that businesses rely on promotions to keep themselves afloat. Whether you are running an eCommerce store, a restaurant, or a clothing line, your success is contingent on being able to reach and engage with your customers.

Well-timed and well-executed promotions can be the difference between a customer who comes back for more or one who forgets all about you.

Currently, Meta (Facebook) allows brands to send messages to customers on a recurring basis via Messenger with Instagram DMs to follow soon. The service can automatically send messages at a scheduled time or manually when needed.

It allows companies to connect with customers and improve their retention rates by sending out promotions, discounts, or new product announcements.

Using Recurring Message Notifications On Messenger for Product Alerts ​

Recurring notifications on Messenger are a great way to engage potential customers and create demand for a new product even before the product is launched. Recurring notifications are the perfect tool for start-ups, e-commerce websites, and business owners that want to build an audience before launch.

Recurring product message notifications are a great way for brands to re-engage their customers with timely, relevant content.

Conventional communications channels such as email are seeing decreasing open rates every year. Emails can work great but their effectiveness is decreasing all the time due to privacy updates from Apple and Google.

These recent changes and general declining sentiment toward emails make messaging channels even more appealing. The average open rates on emails are around 18% whereas on messaging channels such as Messenger you often see open rates in excess of 80%.

If you send emails to consumers or the general public, you need to be planning your social message marketing strategy and recurring message notifications should play an important role.

Meta’s Recurring Message Notifications for Events ​

It’s worth reminding your customers that you’ll be running an in-store or live event so they won’t miss out. You can use something like recurring notifications to do this. When they sign up for the event, text them with regular updates and reminders about it.

Live shopping events are a great strategy for businesses to multiply their social engagement. By sending notification messages to customers who opted in, you can build hype around the event while reaching out to an already interested viewer base.

You can also use alerts to remind customers of events they’ve subscribed to such as workout alerts, medication reminders, or daily challenges.