How Brands Play a Role in Social Movements

Businesses and brands play a vital role in social movement through being a voice of actions and opportunities using their products and services. Brands should be role models in the society amidst diversities. Other than promoting their product to the public, they should also be a good example and be able to raise voices and opinions. The product itself should include sustainability in their goals to get ahead with the future. Therefore, it is important to keep a track of your customers to understand what matters to them. Here I will share some insights regarding how important is for brands to support social movements, and what are those premises that they must follow up.

  1. Is it important for brands to participate in these movements? Why or why not?

Yes, it is important for brands to participate in this kind of movement because brands play a vital role in influencing most of their customers. This path should be chosen as they achieve their goal. Additionally, businesses can be a voice to call out some problems that our society has and give a solution which is relative to their product or services. Being part of the solution is a good marketing strategy that can establish your brand very well.

  1. Which brands have successfully participated? Which brands failed?

In this kind of social movement, there are brands and businesses that have successfully participated while others failed. For example, the brand “Barbie”, we all know that this brand manufactures dolls that have a perfect figure, pretty face, and white skin. At first, it is just a young girl’s toy but as time passes by, it has become the standard for women. That is why the brand “Barbie” released dolls that are in a different color of skin tones and appearances that aims to deliver the message of women empowerment. That’s what participating in social movements can do.

  1. What are some do’s and don’ts when participating?

In participating in this kind of social movement, you must have a clear and concise brand message for the consumers so that it won’t cause misunderstanding to your goals. Do not just sell your brand, put value to it. Put your brand in the perception of the targeted consumers.

  1. How can brands participate? Social media for example?

Brands can participate in social media by giving the right information and awareness to consumers. It makes a difference when consumers know what your brand is and all about its goals. As we all know, there are a lot of users in social media, so it is crucial to be mindful in your every post especially if it is about your brand. Remember, your brand can make a change and action even if it is in virtual form by social media and no matter how simple it is.

  1. Can brands’ role in Social Movements create lasting relationships?

When companies address social movements in the right way, this sort of collaborations can create lasting relationships with their customers, which will result in the building of loyalty and trust pillars. If brands can commit solidly with these movements, these actions can result in sales and user loyalty. When users finally find a connection with a brand, they will be more likely to stay loyal to them.

To sum up, a brand needs to get involved in social movements, it is now or never. This will créate an impact in the society as a whole, and will strongly influence your target consumers. This could be a great point in your marketing strategy, and will definitely create an impact on your audience.