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How can I increase my score with the GATE test series?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is the most preferred competitive exam for engineering graduates to kick-start their careers. This exam paves way for job options in Public Sector Organizations or PSUs and research institutions. The GATE is an annual exam conducted at the beginning of the year.

The exam duration is 3 hours and is broadly based on undergraduate engineering subjects. The GATE test series is the most effective way to realize the extent of your preparation. It also helps you revise properly and continually.

By taking these test series you can figure out your weaker areas and work on them. You can also opt for changes in your strategies and preparation methodologies. Moreover, these tests help you keep track of time and improve your time management skills with practice.

What is the GATE test series?

GATE test series is a cycle of mock tests based on its syllabus. This series of tests help students who are taking the GATE exam to keep up with their revision. They also help identify the subjects they are weaker in so that they can concentrate more on these areas. It is recommended that you continuously take these test series till the day of the exam.

Moreover, the tests focus equally on all the subjects in the syllabus. These tests help cover all the subjects and evaluate your preparation status. However, these tests are just as hard as the main exam. You will become familiar with the type of questions they ask in the exam. Practice the GATE test series online at BYJU’s Exam Prep to get the experts designed paper and prepare for the best.

How to improve your score with the GATE test series?

Simply giving tests after tests will not yield any results. You need to improve your performance with every test. Make sure you record the scores of every test you give. Analyze your mistakes and rectify them. Do not repeat the mistakes in your next tests. Make a timetable and revise all the portions regularly.

Note down the most challenging questions and their answers after the test. If you do not find their answers from books or your sources, feel free to discuss them with your friends and teachers. Take subject-wise tests and compare their scores. Focus more on the areas where you are weaker and try to improve your scores.

With these test series, you will see a drastic rise in your scores. Since these tests are similar to the GATE exam, you will find that these scores reflect in your exam too. Hence, take these tests seriously and put all your effort into them.

Things to bear in mind while taking the GATE test series

Following are a few things you need to bear in mind when taking the GATE test series:

  • Take these test series after you complete your GATE syllabus preparation. Do not plunge into the tests before you have studied all the topics. Since it may lead to improper analysis of your score and performance.
  • Take these tests as seriously as your GATE exam. Revise your topics and manage your time. Do not spend too much time on one question. Give your tests with sincerity and dedication. Attempt as many tests as you can to familiarize yourself with more questions.
  • Get acquainted with the use of virtual calculators. Or better, solve your questions without a calculator. Avoid using your scientific calculator, since you cannot use one for your exam.
  • Record and analyze your scores after every exam. Most test series provide the solutions to all the questions on their website. However, you can always figure them out from books and web sources. Identify the most challenging questions and learn to solve them.
  • If you are afraid of committing careless mistakes, read all questions twice before attempting them. Also, try drafting the answers mentally beforehand, to write them flawlessly.
  • Do not rush through your tests. Take your time to avoid careless mistakes. Make sure you are reading the correct units and spellings for your answers.
  • Most importantly, keep track of your time. Try to finish all the tests before time so that you can spend some time re-checking your answers.
  • Finally, do not go for blind guesses on your test. If you are not at least 50% sure of the answers, do not opt for smart guessing either. Remember, negative marking causes more risk of tearing down your rank than anything else.

When should you start taking the GATE test series?

You will need sufficient time for GATE preparation. Start studying at least 6 months before the exam. Collect all necessary materials and sources. Make sure you finish one round of complete preparation of the syllabus within a couple of months. This is the right time to begin taking your test series. You can start by giving tests for just a few segments of the syllabus.

However, ensure that you give these tests regularly and sincerely. This test series aims to provide you with thorough preparation and revision of the GATE syllabus. Hence, learn from your mistakes and rectify them in your next tests. You will watch your scores improve significantly. Even if they don’t, do not lose hope. Even a small improvement goes a long way in your preparation for the exam.

Keep giving these tests till the day of your GATE exam. Try to give up to two tests every day. Not more than that. Do not strain yourself too much. Once you are completely familiar with all the subjects, give a final full syllabus test. Try to give at least 5-6 of these tests. This score will be a very close replica of your exam score.


The GATE online test series are there to help you eliminate the fear of giving the exam and to familiarize yourself with its question pattern. The more tests you give, the more you become acquainted with the exam and its time constraint. Moreover, these tests will help figure out your weaker areas and improve your performance. The test series will help heighten your confidence and your scores!