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How can I prevent my glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has to wear a mask to be safe from the virus infection. Though it is mandatory for hygiene, many withstand difficulties to adjust with the mask. Especially when you are wearing glasses, the main problem is fogging up lenses quickly. When the warm breath passes through the mask and hits the cool surface of the glasses, it gets fogged.

Whether you are wearing glasses for necessity or style, you have to manage two things together. Otherwise, you have to wipe out the fog all the time, which is annoying. In this case, using anti-fog for glasses is the only solution, and you can consult the for the best eyeglasses. Moreover, here are some tips to follow that helps to prevent fogging on glasses.

Why do the glasses fog up?

To understand this issue, you need to know simple science. Usually, when you wear a mask, your breath is getting warmer, and the glasses stay relatively cool. When the warmer breath escapes from the top of the mask and blows on the glass surface. Then it causes fogs on the glasses. As a result, you see a blurred view through it. So you need to find out an effective way to stave off the fog.

Perfect fitting of the mask.

If you wear a mask with loose-fitting, then your breath will be bypassed to the glasses. So you need to choose a mask with the right fitting. Every mask has a nose bridge sewn inside it. Actually, they are very strong strips that can be bent, and you can shape them according to your nose. This way, the moisture is locked inside and makes them more effective and comfortable. Your glasses aren’t hit by warm breath.

Wear glasses over the mask

Always wear the mask under the glasses that will prevent fogging up. Keep the mask higher on the nose. Actually, the right way to wear it. This hack will be effective when you wear a fitting mask.

Use soap and water

Usually, regular glasses don’t have special coatings to make the lenses anti-fog. So you can utilize a normal trick with soap and water. You need to rinse the glasses with soapy water, then let it dry generally. You can also wipe it with clean soft cotton cloths. The soapy water creates a layer and resists fogs on glasses.

Take a tissue inside the mask

If you keep a tissue inside the mask, it will work like a bridge of the nose. It absorbs most of the vapor of your breath and eliminates the chances of escaping moisture.

Anti-fogging products for glasses

There are many products or spray available in the market that use anti-fog for glasses. These products have proven very effective against fogging. So you can buy and use them efficiently. Actually, it is a very convenient way to prevent fog. The products are also found at reasonable prices that everyone can effort.

Final words

Above these tricks and hacks are very useful to avoid fog. But all of them are great for temporary use and need a little or more effort. People who are swamped in real life may fail to perform these tricks every day. So it will be better to go for a permanent solution.

If you are busy at work or not able to make these tricks, you can buy anti-fog glasses. These special glasses have an anti-fog coating that prevents this problem forever. If you want to purchase anti-fog glasses, you can get a touch of, for getting the best quality glasses.