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How can you use custom patio umbrellas to promote your business and attract more customers?  

A surprisingly common misconception has thrived amongst the general population in most countries for several years now- that patio umbrellas are used almost exclusively in restaurants for outdoor dining. The myth probably exists because of the presence of the word ‘patio’, which traces its origin to Spanish.

Originally, it meant a forecourt or an outdoor dining space which could also double up for recreational activities. The meaning remains unchanged; however, custom printed patio umbrellas can add a lot of oomph to any business spread across diverse and wholly unrelated sectors.

The operative word here is ‘custom’. As it is, 2020 (and now 2021) has seen the downfall of too many small, medium and small-medium businesses. Profits have dwindled, lockdowns have become a part of our everyday conversation, and people and organizations are still adapting to the ‘New Normal’.

To stand out in your business sector, you have to think differently and be bold and decisive in your approach. The first aspect which you must focus on relentlessly is increasing brand awareness. This is where commercial-grade patio umbrellas enter the scene.

These umbrellas are available in a maddening variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be tailor-made to suit your business and your company’s brand.

Read on as we describe how custom patio umbrellas can help you promote your business.

Why have patio umbrellas become more popular than traditional ones?

Before we dig deeper, some explanation on why patio umbrellas have overtaken ordinary or conventional umbrellas is in order.

The classic patio umbrella has several benefits which their ‘regular’ siblings lack.

If you’ve ever been caught out in the rain (or in the sweltering mid-day heat) and had to take refuge beneath a patio umbrella placed conveniently near the closest restaurant or department store, you will have noticed how good they are at preventing water from seeping in.

You might even have noticed how lightweight they are, besides their various unique shapes that can cover larger surfaces, thereby enabling easier accommodation of several people.

To sum up, these patio umbrellas are a lot more user-friendly than the older and conventional umbrellas.

Each of these aspects has played a role in the meteoric rise in the popularity of printed patio umbrellas. They weigh very little, are water-resistant to a great extent, can withstand UV rays and block the sun exceedingly well, and can also resist high winds to a certain extent.

Of course, gale-force winds will probably knock any outdoor fixture, even if they are heavy-duty commercial grade patio umbrellas!

Finally, conventional (read old-timer) umbrellas cannot match the sheer range of customizations that these newer models provide. Besides, custom patio umbrellas are available in various price brackets, which ensures every business can afford the base models and work their way up as they progress.

Start using custom patio umbrellas for business promotions!

Now, we come to the meat of the matter; using printed patio umbrellas for promoting your brand and your products and services.

Here are a few pro tips:

Use a high-quality classic patio umbrella on your business premises: Remember how we alluded to getting stranded in the rain or the fierce sun without protection? Records show that barring Alaska & Hawaii, more than 2 inches of moisture (both rain and snow) are expected across the United States during the upcoming winter months and the Festive Season.

Start with purchasing a high-quality patio umbrella for use outside your establishment.

Ensure that your company’s name, logo, services, and/or products and contact numbers are prominently emblazoned on the outside in bright, cheerful colors. People sheltering under the umbrella will naturally be grateful; what’ more, they will remember that ‘this company remembered to erect an umbrella for passers-by!’

This is the first step towards brand recall, the mother lode. Alternately, when the temperatures hit double digits during the summers, the same technique will provide that much-needed shelter for people passing by.

You can even hire someone to hand out cups of coffee, soft drinks, and other beverages depending on the season. Quietly hand out a flier listing your products alongside!

Utilize outdoor festivals to their fullest extent: This might sound a tad contradictory, but placing printed patio umbrellas at strategic locations at outdoor music festivals and the like has several promotional benefits. You will notice a wide variety of banners, flags, inflatable items, and pop-up canopies in almost every outdoor festival. The reason they are present is promotion.

Often, you may be asked to book a spot to set up a classic patio umbrella. This is a worthwhile investment. Just ensure that the umbrella/s are placed in the direct lines of sight of people entering the venue.

Go bold on design and graphics: You have to think very differently compared to your peers to grab eyeballs. Since good competition makes for good business ideas, you can perhaps seek inspiration from what other companies in your business sector are doing, and where they are going wrong. Use some clever & out-of-the-box thinking to ensure you do not repeat those mistakes.

Go for computer-printed high-definition graphics for your commercial-grade patio umbrellas. Aim for a minimum resolution of 300 DPI at all times. Choose the most vital pieces of information that you would like your customers to know, and purchase a high-end branded umbrella. The high-res graphics, plus the classy & durable patio umbrella, will bolster brand visibility.

During our research for this piece, we consulted several well-known retailers of patio umbrellas. A number of them were in Sunny California. We went through their catalog of custom-printed, heavy-duty commercial umbrellas, besides the café and cantilever varieties.

We gained a lot of insights into the market, its present situation, and how the evergreen classic patio umbrella still retains a loyal clientele!

Choose the right sizes: Naturally, there are several different sizes of patio umbrellas you can choose from. For most outdoor uses, the 6’x6′ Square Umbrella with an aluminum frame and a clearance of more than 7 feet will suffice.

However, there are plenty of bigger (and smaller) printed patio umbrellas available. You have to select the correct size which will suit your business purposes.

For example, if you run a fairly busy Deli and would like to utilize more space, you can choose from larger (11’x11’ to 14’x14’) octagonal or square umbrellas with forged aluminum center hubs and super-strong frames.

These can easily seat several people. For more professional advice on a gamut of topics vis-à-vis commercial-grade patio umbrellas, you might want to consult the experts at your local retailer of high-end patio additions.

Before we go…

It goes without saying that branded printed patio umbrellas are ideal investments for your business only when you take adequate care of them! Ignore them, and you may not receive a satisfactory ROI.

Taking care of these umbrellas is rather simple. Here are some pro tips:

  1. After a heavy shower, carefully drain out accumulated water especially from the corners of octagonal or square patio umbrellas. The same routine also goes for snow.
  2. Dirt and debris may take the sheen off the high-res printed logo & other details of your company! Use very mild detergents and soft brushes to wipe them periodically.
  3. Pay attention to the metal frame too, including the central pole. Wash it occasionally with detergents that have low levels of Washing Soda. Then use a soft piece of cloth to wipe them thoroughly till they are completely dry. These practices will keep rust and miscellaneous weather damage at bay.

Remember that there is no substitute for high quality. Always prefer branded classic patio umbrellas; they will last longer and will be of greater value for your clients and your firm!