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How Celebrities use Social Media for self-promotion and building their brands

Celebrities have not much time to spend to share a lot of posts on social media but their single post gets millions of likes. All thanks to their verified social profiles and blue ticks on every social platform. Whether it is to promote their new makeup brand, fragrance, movie or new music release, you can hear about it through their latest tweet, Instagram story or Facebook status. Their millions of fans also let them build their brand and promote themselves. Today we will discuss how celebrities use social platforms for their self-promotion and building their brands.

Sustains and revives the image

In the celebrity world, image is everything, and social media is the ultimate tool to sustain it.

Let’s take Kim Kardashian as an example. She has nearly 61.2 million followers on Twitter, nearly 29 million likes on Facebook, and more than 143 million followers on Instagram. Oh, and not to mention that she also writes her own blog posts on Celebuzz and has an ample following on Keek.

Okay, so she gets a lot of haters too, but they still give her a lot of attention, which in turn contributes towards her overall popularity and success. More importantly, she knows how to sustain relevance and image.

Remember all that weight gain criticism she faced during pregnancy? Well, appearance-conscious Kim was quick to prove everyone wrong by revealing her banging, new post-baby body on Instagram.

It was the social media move that got everyone talking, and the tabloids loved it. Love her or hate her, she must be doing something right.

As well as sustaining image, social media can also revive it, especially if you’re a celebrity that has been out of the game for a while.

Want more attention?

Quite recently, One Direction star, Liam Payne, posted a shocking image of himself dangerously standing on the edge of a 360 ft high balcony ledge. Of course this left many infuriated, so naturally, he took to Twitter to apologize by admitting that it was a “stupid and irresponsible thing to do“.

Seeing as social media platforms allow instantaneous action, it makes it a great way to send a message out there fast, especially in response to the negative backlash. After all, there’s nothing worse than having the entire world hate you.

Despite some of the outrageous and controversial things that celebrities can say and do, social media offers them the opportunity to redeem themselves. Whether they have been misquoted in an interview, or if they have said or done something shocking and offensive, social media allows them to apologize and rectify the situation.

Celebrities buy followers & likes:

A lot of celebrities buy followers and likes on every social platform especially they buy Instagram likes and followers to promote their movies, music tours, brands, etc. On Instagram Cristiano Ronaldo has 174.1 m followers while Selena Gomez has 153 million fans. A lot of world’s famous brands contacted them for promoting their brand on their profile.