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How content marketing can increase your conversions

What is a conversion?

You must first fully understand what a conversion is before looking to increase the conversion rate. To define it simply, we can state that lead conversion happens when a user completes a desirable step. The term lead conversion can mean different things, and for your enterprise, it will depend on your targets.

For example, if you were running for political office, the conversion, in this case, would mean a vote for you in a future election. For an association wishing to broadcast a particular message, the expected conversion could be downloading a free e-book by readers. Finally, for an e-commerce store, the conversion could refer to the fact that a user clicks on a product link, places an item in his basket, or subscribes to a mailing list.

  • Or are your lead conversion rates increasing as you try to get better the output of your content?
  • Or do either of these things actually mean? If good content marketing means tends to get better conversion rates, is that sufficient for a business? Why look so accurately where it can come from?

Attract the visitor

The attraction step is the first but also the broadest of the 4 layers of the process. As you can imagine, this step is to attract all eyes to your site, your products, or your brand. You could start by advertising or launching marketing campaigns. helps to attract visitors by doing proper content marketing.

Convert into leads

This is the time when visitors to your e-commerce site decide to share their contact details and learn more about your products. When this happens, these individuals go from being occasional visitors or potential leads to real leads.

The third step in a sales funnel is the conclusion. This is when you get to close the deal by getting a lead to become a customer. This step is essential in the sales funnel. It goes without saying. Without it, your business would not make any profit.


Even though this process is recurring and important, this step is often overlooked by companies. By pampering your current customers and thus retaining them, you can make them regular customers.

Set up a mailing list

Another way to get more leads is the mailing list. Thus, any interested person can register to find out more or receive regular emails from your brand.

Of course, it’s not certain that everyone is ready to sign up without getting something in return. This is why incentive perks, or lead baits, can be useful. Rewarding users, such as an e-book to download or a discount on a future purchase. It can convince them to subscribe to the mailing list.

Thanks to emails, customers don’t forget your brand. You can share relevant information with your followers, introduce them to new products, or make special offers. Email is a great strategy to stay in touch with your leads and help them take the next step: selling.

Be active on social networks.

If you want to increase your leads, imagine the largest audience there is. It’s hard to imagine a bigger audience than Facebook’s. Add to that the users of other social networks, and we get an astronomical number. Being active on social networks is essential, regardless of the products you might sell.

Try to launch targeted advertising campaigns.

One of the last ways to increase your leads is through advertising. While it’s not free, it’s a great way to expand your reach and grow your audience. Therefore, if you want to improve your income online, it is good to advertise on the internet.

Don’t neglect keyword research.

To boost your SEO, you need to use the right keywords. Finding these keywords can be difficult, however. Take the time to research the keywords that will be most useful to you, allowing you to reach the right leads and potential customers.