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How DevOps platform Zeet accelerates application deployment

Today’s tech decision-makers at firms of all sizes are attempting to find flexible solutions to accelerate application development while also ensuring their engineering teams’ long-term scalability.

Configuring systems like AWS necessitates the creation of an in-house team of professionals, which is costly and time-consuming. In reality, DevOps concerns affect higher than 77% of all technical organizations, including cost, risk, security, deployment pipeline optimization, and scale.

Learning skills online have become extremely adaptable in recent years. Several online courses like DevOps Training aids the aspirants in acquiring the required DevOps skills to upgrade with their professional careers.

San Francisco-dependent Zeet, a platform that resolves the challenges of DevOps and speeds up the deployment of an application for the startups, has raised 2 million dollars in a funding seed round driven by venture capital organization Race Capital.

A firm plans to utilize the budget, which also witnessed involvement from  Founders Inc, GGV Capital, and several engineering leaders, for building its teams around the areas varying from engineering to marketing and meeting the increasing demands from consumers.

Zeet, which was founded by Zihao Zhang and Johnny Dallas in 2020, aims to automate these bottlenecks. The solution connects cloud accounts and automates usually manual DevOps operations, enabling the team to rapidly move from coding to a scaled app.

Automated Deployment of DevOps

For using the platform, developers only need to get their code from a Docker Hub or GitHub repository to the Zeet platform. Hereafter, the solution examines the source code underlying and determines the processing aspects, comprising which codebase must be utilized for development.

The app is automatically built without the user having to put together CI tools like AWS Travis CI, Jenkins, or CodeBuild. After that, utilizing business technologies like PagerDuty, Datadog, or Dynatrace, the application may be seamlessly deployed across many clouds and set up for active monitoring.

“Zeet should be the ultimate deployment and DevOps platform, in my opinion. Zeet is used by our firms and developers to deploy over every significant cloud vendor, such as GCP and AWS. We make configuring your cloud provider — whether it’s AWS, GCP, or another — simple.” Dallas spoke to VentureBeat.

“It is a novel approach to application deployment since our customers can gain comprehensive visibility in their infrastructure, trust their deployment and setup processes, and keep cloud prices low, all while having no technical constraints on the types of apps they could deploy.

They receive all the advantages of an infrastructure solution while still using their cloud platform that already exists with Zeet” he added.

As per Dallas, the solution has already been incorporated by around 17,000 developers and enterprises, with their focused team offering to see a 50% increase in revenue month after month over the last six months.

The co-founder wouldn’t reveal exact figures on revenue, but he did say that growth has come from both enterprise and startup customers.


Zeet competes with, Heroku, HashiCorp, and Netlify in the deployment tooling arena. Dallas, on the other hand, argues that their platform differs from other PaaS providers in that it allows users for deploying into their chosen cloud provider.

“We don’t charge an ever-increasing margin; instead, we aim to keep our clients’ costs as low as possible,” he said.

“Furthermore, rather than asking our customers for trusting us with their dependability, we demonstrate why their configuration will not fail and provide them with solutions to minimize downtime.

For instance, during the contemporary AWS failures, all of Zeet’s clients were capable of migrating to a different region (or even a different cloud provider) to prevent downtime.”

Tech organizations all over the world are continuing to invest heavily in internal tooling and cloud operations. Investing in public cloud services is predicted to rise 23.1% to 332 billion dollars in 2021, up from 270 billion dollars in 2020, as per Gartner.

Meanwhile, overall cloud application service investment is expected to hit 122 billion dollars in 2021 and 145 billion dollars in 2022.

Running projects with Zeet platform

Zeet manages your cloud account, ensuring that you have the best possible configuration so you can concentrate on shipping products. Zeet enables you to unlock all the power without any binding.

You don’t have to spend your time attempting to cobble together dozens of sophisticated tools. Rather, you can experience the state-of-the-art, DevOps setup that is integrated and built on cloud technologies that are defined by the industries.

Zeet allows you to build, scale, and monitor the applications.


The build starts with the <code/>. Zeet is the ideal place to scale any application to millions of users without breaking a sweat in your AWS account. The following features are supported in the building process.

  • Seamless Workflow of GitOps – A CI/CD pipeline is generated automatically. Every push to GitHub starts a fresh build; all you have to do now is keep on writing your code.
  • MagicDetect 🪄 – Zeet will look at your code and determine what it requires. There’s no need to configure anything up beforehand!
  • Every framework and language – Bring a stack of your choice! Don’t let infrastructure requirements compel you to give up your favorite technology.


Irrespective of the size, Zeet will be on your side. Begin with a single server, then scale to thousands throughout the globe as your requirements change. The following features are supported in the scaling process.

  • Deploy everywhere – Transparently deploy across several clouds. Unprecedented accessibility is only a single click away.
  • Sticking close to your clients – Choose from hundreds of edge locations across the world to put your servers as close as feasible to your consumers.
  • Customizable Resources – Select as many or as few resources as you require for your services, and only pay for what you utilize.


The following features are supported in the monitoring process.

  • Active Maintenance – Getting to production entails more than simply executing your code. Zeet services, protects, monitors, and optimizes your cloud while actively maintaining and managing it.
  • Automatic Monitoring – Zeet has built-in HTTP and process status monitoring by default, so you’ll always know if something needs your attention right away.


In this article, we have seen how the technical aspects of automation are accelerating the deployment process of a DevOps application.

The rising marketing insights of revenue for the DevOps platform are learned. We also have discussed the building, scaling, and monitoring features of a platform that runs the projects with Zeet.


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