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How do bed bugs spread?

Facing bed bugs in your house doesn’t mean you live in a filthy environment. They can take birth anywhere, anytime with anyone. These tiny, oval-shaped, wingless insects not only look a lot scary but also treats us the same way. It would have been a lot easier to kill these bed bugs if they didn’t know to spread but unfortunately, they do. Being a motile insect, they can move from one spot to another in a matter of seconds and spreads the diseases that accompany them. They don’t have wings but still can travel by sticking to different materials and landing at their desired place.

So, if you ever come across bed bugs, do know that they can spread easily so don’t leave any source of contact for these bugs to reach you. To simply put, it is also equally important to learn how to maintain your home to prevent pests from getting in. They can spread at a rate of eye blink but it takes some time for them to spread the infection in the body. That is the golden time where you can find out the possible places these bugs have spread out. With that, take a look at these answers to know how bugs can spread through different sources. Let’s take a look.

How do bugs spread from house to house?

Like every other insect, bugs can spread from house to house by crawling over different materials, as already mentioned. Apart from this, they can also walk up to the windows, ceilings, roofs, curtains, slippers, etc., and make their place in the house. An interesting thing about these bugs is that they take 2-4 days in settling in one place and can exist if don’t feel comfortable or enough source of food present there.

How bugs spread from person to person?

The movement of bugs from one person to another doesn’t involve anything to do with a human’s internal mechanism. Like lice in the hair, bed bugs can also stick to one’s cloth hair, skin, accessories, etc. Or they may also spread from one person to others by infecting the materials. These infected items when used by any other individual get more prone to catching up with the infection caused by bugs.

How to stop the spread of bugs in your house?

Stopping the spread of bugs is no walk in the park. They are not only accumulated at one place to be cleaned and rinsed off by a single method at one-time. Instead, they can be stopped spreading through a series of ways. Some of these are:

  • Regular cleaning of your house
  • Adding an extra layer of protection or hard covering on furniture.
  • Deep-vacuuming of the house
  • Don’t share things with your roommates
  • Wash your clothes every 4-5 days.
  • Take Shower on every alternative day.
  • Monitor your whole house with a bug’s monitor

Conclusion: Although it’s hard to control the spread of bugs but not impossible. They love kitchens and are most likely to spread there from one food to another. So, also make sure you cover the dishes tight and spray bugs pesticide every night before going to bed. In this way, they’ll get killed overnight by eliminating the infection it had been spreading.