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How Do Franchise Consultants Work and How to Choose the Right One?

As more enterprises start offering franchise opportunities, it can be challenging to expand your business. In that scenario, you can consider hiring a franchise consultant. However, a franchise consultant is a relatively new word, and not many know who they are, what kind of work they do and what benefits you can get by working with them.

To make things easy for you, here is the truth about working with franchise consultants.

What Is a Franchise Consultant?

According to the general definition, a consultant is an individual or a company considered an expert in a particular field or area. A franchise consultant is an individual or a company that knows the twists and turns of a franchise business model and guides you to work through it.

What Do They Do?

The primary job of a franchise consultant is to help franchisors expand their business.  However, due to increased competition in franchising, their job horizon has extended. You can see consultants helping both; the franchisors and the franchise.

The franchise consultant sits down with their client (franchise), discusses their skills and interests, and determines the best franchise opportunities. When their client is a franchisor, they provide concepts and ideas to expand their business.

Working with a franchise consultant can be beneficial for the franchisor as well as the franchise. Now that you have understood the truth about working with franchise consultants let’s learn how to select the right one.

When you are applying for a franchise, you are investing in the brand and its business model.  While the franchisor will help make the startup and transition more manageable, it is always good to have an expert by your side to increase your confidence in yourself and faith in the franchise business model.

Franchise Industry Experience

The word consultant has a comprehensive scope. Any company or individual can call themselves franchise consultants. Hence, the franchise industry experience is a crucial factor while selecting the right one.  It would help if you looked for a consultant who has experience with the franchisor you plan to work with.

Professional Focus

A consultant involved in a variety of businesses will not have the time to focus on your needs entirely. The franchise model needs significant investment, and though the brand is established, there are always some hidden risks.  It will help if you look for a professional who works full-time as a franchise consultant and has the professional focus needed to make your business successful.

The franchise consultant should have the best interest of his clients at heart and have a track record of helping others find success in the franchising business.


A good franchise consultant will spend hours listening to you about your aspirations, business goals, and understanding of the franchise model. Based on the discussion, they might suggest some good franchising companies for you. A franchise consultant who starts suggesting franchising companies without listening to your views is a red flag.

It would help if you looked at the reputation of the consultant before working with him. If the franchise consultant has spent years helping franchisors and franchisees, they are more likely to have a long list of clients. If that is true, you can find many franchise consultant reviews that discuss the consultant’s professionalism and expertise in helping franchisees and franchisors.

Pre-Screen Franchisors

A good franchise consultant will pre-screen franchisors and their business models before suggesting their names to their clients. The consultant will ensure their client has substantial growth opportunities by taking a franchisee of a particular business.

To sum up, the franchise consultant can help you walk on the well-traveled path where many franchisees have earned success. For the first-timers, walking on a well-oiled machine like a franchise model can be a difficult task. Having a franchise consultant by your side can be financially rewarding and comforting for you.