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How Do I Take Microsoft Certification Exams?

Lots of people these days would be looking forward to obtaining the Microsoft certification exams and gain the certifications. You would be able to take the Microsoft certification exam locally in an official test center, or you could even opt for online testing. Here we would be discussing certain tips and tricks on taking a Microsoft certification exam online, from home, or in the office. Since we have helped lots of candidates here in SPOTO to pass their Microsoft Azure exams online, we would like to share our experience with you to help you out.

Scheduling a Microsoft exam

If you are willing to take a Microsoft certification exam from home, you could just schedule it the same way as you would be doing with an exam in a test center. The best thing would be to visit the official Microsoft Certifications page and choose the certification exam you desire to take. You would be able to browse all Microsoft certifications and exams here.

During the scheduling process of the exam, you would be able to choose if you wish to take the exam in a local test center or online, you must choose your preferred, but make sure that you have their local testing center near you, else you would have to incur some travel expense also.

During the scheduling process, if you opt for the online exam, you should run a system check, which is going to check the setup of your machine and hardware requirements as well as internet connectivity. If you would be taking the exam with a different computer or at a different location, you could even re-run the system pre-check.

Well, both of the exam modules are good, but we would recommend you to go for the online certification exam. The great thing about scheduling the exam online that it enables you to take the exam at almost any time and also from any place with a proper system and good internet connection, be it your home or any place.

Before you could begin the exam, you would require checking-in, which would be including the verification of your ID and show your exam environment area.

Ensure that you would have administrative rights on your computer so you could download the testing software.

  • Make sure that you have your phone ready to take pictures of your ID, password, etc. as well as your testing area. The phone would also be utilized for contacting you during the exam if the proctor couldn’t reach you utilizing the chat.
  • You must also deploy your driver’s license, passport, or other acceptable identification available so that your identity could be verified easily.
  • The greeter would review testing behavior or conduct, testing environment, as well as your communication process during exam delivery. All communication with the proctor and greeter would be conducted in English.
  • You would require to shut down any non‐essential applications like email or chat.

If you are looking forward to obtaining the Microsoft Certification in one go, it is recommended for you to study with experts. Check out SPOTO Microsoft Exam Dumps to ensure your success.

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