How Do You Know If You’re Ready for Marriage?

When you meet someone special, all your life goes upside down.

You put aside your work, hobbies, and usual activities – a new person becomes your main priority. Over time, your relationship develops and at some point, you both understand that it is high time to move to the next level.

But how to know you are ready for marriage? How to be sure that you have all chances to build a strong family and not become a couple who ends up with a divorce?

Discovering signs you’re ready for marriage will help you feel more confident about your own choice and set for the best journey in your life or avoid the worst mistake.

5 Signs to Understand That You Are Ready for Marriage

It goes without saying that getting married is one of the most serious steps in the life of both partners.

From an early age, most girls think about wedding ceremonies, dream about the dress, and parties with friends. After meeting the man of her dreams, the woman wonders “Does he really love me? “Is he ready for marriage?”, “How many kids will we have?”.

Men also have a lot of questions in their heads. Some of them are not ready for marriage and going to the next level. In fact, this is one of the reasons why guys give up on relationships and decide to leave.

Other men are hesitating, and want to know “How do I know if I’m ready for marriage?”. First of all, you should calm down and understand that having hesitations is not bad. It means that you are responsible and want to avoid related mistakes.

Next, you are recommended to learn a ready for marriage checklist and answer the question “Are we ready for marriage?” at last.

You completely accept your partner

Often people do not accept their partners as they are, trying to change the person. It is one of 10 dating mistakes that most men and women make.

If you accept your beloved with all drawbacks and are ready to put up with them all the time, then it is a sign that you are ready for marriage. Good relationships are full of love, care, trust, and support. There is no place for blackmails, threats, and fears.

You are ready to build plans together

How do you know if you are ready for marriage? You want to build your plans together. You have the same visions for planning money, trips, and other activities.

If your man refuses to discuss expenses and all other related issues, it may be one of the signs he’s not ready for marriage.

The same works for women. Your girlfriend is not ready for marriage if she does not want to set some limitations, and prefers to have separate bank accounts.

You are ready to spend your whole life with the same partner

If you think that you can meet someone better, and keep chatting with other people in a romantic way, then it shows you are not ready for marriage.

Going to the next level means that you can easily close a Tinder Gold subscription, refuse to flirt with other people, and stop doing everything that puts your current relationship at risk.

By the way, it is an important sign that the boyfriend is not ready for marriage after 5 years. He simply is not ready to spend his whole life with the only woman.

You can discuss any topic with your beloved

Complete trust is perhaps one of the essentials of any good relationship. If you can discuss important or even strange issues with your partner freely, then it may be a good sign that you are ready for marriage.

There should not be any secrets, confusion, or misunderstanding between spouses.  You can take a ready-for-marriage quiz together to clarify everything at once.

You have common interests or support partner

There is nothing better than having common interests with your partner. This way, you can be closer, and have a lot of fun together. But even if you have completely different interests, it doesn’t mean that it is one of the signs you’re not ready for marriage.

The most important thing here is to respect the partner’s interests and hobbies. You can support, ask questions and encourage to develop expertise in a definite area. Simply put – do not try to make the person give up some activity just because you do not like it.


How to know if you’re ready for marriage? Both men and women keep trying to find the answer to this question. You can consider the above-mentioned signs, think well about them, and then discover them with your partner.

It is important to be sincere with yourself and not to regret your decisions afterward. Getting ready for marriage is not a matter of a few minutes, so weigh all pros and cons to enjoy your “Happy ever after”.