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How Does Forex Trading Work?

Forex trading is a method of transacting money between two parties using various different currency pairs. The trade consists of one currency selling to another, which in turn buys it back.

This leads to an economic balance between traders and organizations as they buy currencies as they are cheap, or sell them if they are expensive. If you’re wondering how this global trading market works, check out this article for some basics – from the meeting place to the general trading system!

What is Forex trading?

Forex trading is where traders buy and sell international currencies. This is done through the auction markets of several financial institutions around the world. The currencies are taken from listings from different parties who want to take on a short position or deliver a long position.

A short position would be having someone buy or sell an asset at a fixed price, while a long position is someone buying or selling currency in the future at a higher price to cover overhead costs and has an upside cash gain.

Forex is the leading global provider of foreign exchange (FX) services, including trading in its currency pairs, facilitating cross-border payments with local or international organizations.

Types of Forex Trading

Trade and investing in Forex is an interest that many people have because it is a high leverage market, but understanding what exactly happens can be hard to grasp.

Forex trading in Nigeria typically takes place on a global scale by taking advantage of the fluctuation between currencies.

The most common types of Forex trading include spot Forex or 24-hour trading and spread out or contract pricing. Forex trading is one of the most popular ways to invest.

Understanding how Forex trading works will help you to decide whether you want to take a more passive approach and learn which currency markets offer the best opportunities or whether your computerized skills and financial knowledge will let you seek out the hottest areas for active trading.

Forex is a hugely popular type of investment. You can buy and sell currencies in different marketplaces around the world. The first step to trading currency is understanding exactly what Forex means.

Essentially, what you’re buying and selling are contracts for purchases or sales of specific currencies at a fixed or predetermined price. There are three basic types of Forex trading.

  • Hedging involves buying or selling an asset that is not related to a particular currency, the currency the trader is invested in will likely rise or fall depending on the success of their trade, an investor makes money by either adding positions to their portfolio over a short period of time or taking them away by moving into a cash market position.
  • Intra-day trading is more active and can be considered as a high octane option for traders who want to make trades often with shorter holding periods.
  • The third type of Forex trading is day trading, where it is basically re-trading securities during different hours of the day with small benchmarks consisting of pennies or dollar amounts rather than whole percentages.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Trading vs. Algorithmic Trading

In Forex, investors buy and sell financial assets in exchange for a foreign currency, typically the U.S dollar or other major currencies. Trades are made either in Forex markets or over-the-counter (OTC). Most members of the public use brokers to trade with while traders who work with proprietary systems utilize automated trading algorithms.

Algorithmic trading is most commonly associated with Forex, but it is also used with stocks, commodities, and financial markets generally. There are mainly three types of trading: traditional, algorithmic trading, and automatic arbitrage trading. Algorithmic trading is the quickest way to trade because the computer does it for you.

However, you miss out on the human emotions involved in guessing something’s price point. Algorithmic trading also deals with highly volatile markets, which can get extremely stressful. The key to algorithm trading is finding a good strategy that uses technical analysis along with execution on limited orders.

Money Management

Forex trading is a complex topic that may take some time to fully understand, so it’s important to start with your strategy or pattern. Forex trading is a concept that allows you to place an order with a currency broker in another country and have the trade executed at the current exchange rate when the order is filled by their foreign exchange.

Traditional investors typically use this technique of investing for pick-up gains. Forex trading is a unique market but first-time forex traders have some confusion about the basics. One thing that can be beneficial to aid understanding is having a plan for managing your funds in every position you can have and differentiating risk types as well as profits and losses Forex trading can be fairly complex.

There are multiple factors that need to be considered before going into a trade, such as your investment goals and possible losses for each particular trade, your psychological strengths, and weaknesses, the difference between runs and trends, comparing prices against different currencies, various timeframe periods for making trades, etc.

The book “How I Trade Forex” discusses the complexities of this part of the Forex business in more detail.

Types of Automated Forex Trading Systems

Types of automated Forex trading systems are Modulation, Algorithmic Trading, and Automated Forex Trading Systems that use Expert Advisors. These automated forex trading systems rely on software to execute certain orders automatically without any human intervention.

There are three types of automated forex trading systems: one-click trading, an ECN account, and a market maker. One-click trading lets you place trades with real algos for most other currency pairs on popular stock exchanges such as the Moscow Exchange in Russia or the Daimler AG in Germany. With a linked forex account for a bank, ECN deals, or market maker deals there is no trading time.

There are two types of forex trading systems utilized by brokers: computer system trading and cloud-based automated forex trading systems. An automated forex system is an infinitely automated program developed for traders where no human interaction is involved. Some examples of these programs include a screensaver that monitors the price, or even a plugin or script on social media platforms.

These software programs have improved immensely in recent years, but some users may question whether it is worth the time to invest in such a complex system like this with no human interaction.

There are two types of automated forex trading systems that exist: automatic and semi-automated ones. Both work with artificial intelligence, software automation, and algo-trading techniques that are employing different algorithms and techniques to make profitable trades for those who trade.


Month after month, year after year, people get attracted by the powerful profit potential of Forex trading. Forex is the largest financial market in the world and its price in real-time gives the opportunity for people to earn a significant amount of money simply by buying and selling currency.

In order to establish success in this trade, traders have to deal with different kinds of risks. Anyone can start trading or invest in foreign currencies but only a select few are going to be profitable with any returns. There are many ways for traders to organize their risk so that they can maximize their profits.