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How does the e-Commerce Industry Maintain its Growth?

The e-commerce industry has enjoyed incredible growth over the last few years thanks to online retailers using the latest analytics and search engine optimisation (SEO) software. But how does the industry expect to maintain its phenomenal growth over the coming years? Online transactions have continued to grow with cash-less transactions accounting for 41% of business in the UK, up 5% in four years. This trend is expected to continue as more consumers prefer the convenience of shopping online to the stress of the high street. More parcels will need to be delivered safely, quickly and above all cheaply. Millions of online retailers are shipping parcels to their customers every day and cheap parcel delivery is essential if they are to maximise their profits and see their businesses grow. So, what are the most promising ways companies can grow their e-commerce businesses in the future?

Video Marketing

We’re all familiar with keeping up to date with the latest fashions and products by watching our favourite video-streaming channels. Video is more popular than ever and is predicted to account for a massive 80% of all internet traffic in two years’ time. It’s easy to see the opportunities this will give to the potential for video marketing and is expected to be one of the most successful methods online retailers can use to ensure their businesses continue to grow at speed.

Mobile Optimisation

Globally, 48% of people access the internet via their smartphones and that is predicted to grow to 75% in around twenty-five years’ time. If e-commerce companies are to continue growing, they will need to be active in the mobile arena and this is a great way to guarantee steady year-on-year growth as smartphones will be the number one method for online shopping pretty soon.

Subscription Model

Until recently most online purchases had been for non-essential items such as fashion clothing, electronic goods and giftware, but the next big trend for e-commerce is fast-moving consumer goods such as groceries and toiletries. Already we are seeing some of the big supermarket chains teaming up with online retail giants to ship these items out to their customers. As people need such products on a daily basis the subscription model is ideal for both the retailer and the consumer and is sure to be one of the best ways to grow for any e-commerce business dealing in these items.


As we have seen, the e-commerce industry looks set to continue its amazing growth rates during the foreseeable future by employing a mix of well-established online marketing methods such as SEO, social media and targeted advertising along with newer, exciting trends being developed. The future for e-commerce offers huge potential for continued growth which is showing no signs of slowing down thanks to innovative and imaginative marketing strategies providing great opportunities for retailers and more choice and convenience for shoppers.