How essential oils effect mood: which one is right for you?

The ability to smell scent is one of the biggest pleasures in life.

Essential oils can make any place smell amazing and instantly calm your soul. But more so than that, essential oils can have a positive impact on your mood too!

Using essential oils has long been common in places like a yoga studio or spa. However, especially in the last year, essential oils have also become incredibly common at home. This is because we have all found ourselves in a strange situation where we are at home more and likely stressed more too!

Being stressed and feeling out of control with our emotions is a frustrating experience. And while there are many different strategies for gaining that control back and shifting your mood, essential oils are a delicious way to do this!

To help you decide what essential oils are right for you and your moods, we’ve put together a guide to help you get your space smelling on point!


This essential oil is full of citrus and boosts the mood and spirit as soon as you take a whiff! You will likely be feeling joyful and optimistic after taking in a whiff or two of bergamot. For those that find themselves going down that negative rabbit hole, have bergamot on standby to help get you out of that dark place quick!


Rosemary isn’t just for the kitchen. It also makes for a beautiful essential oil that can help you find clarity. If you are someone that gets overwhelmed, forgetful, and has trouble finding mindfulness, rosemary essential oil may be the right choice for you. Plus, it is said to have health benefits as well as being able to help you reduce feelings of fatigue, high blood pressure, and headaches.

Pure Rose

Ah,  don’t you love to take in the fragrance of fresh flowers? Pure Rose essential oil is one of the queens and we highly recommend it for your home. It has an incredibly calming effect and can help reduce your natural instinct of going into fight or flight mode. So if you are someone who gets super stressed or triggered easily, take in a whiff of pure rose and find your adrenaline levels decreasing significantly!


Lavender isn’t just good for those Instagram-worthy shots. They are also fantastic at helping you reduce levels of anxiety. If you are someone who gets into an anxious mood and struggles to get out of it, lavender essential oil is one of the best options for you. You will be amazed at the overall impacts it has on your wellbeing as a result too!


If you are someone that struggles to stay focused and drift off from doing the tasks at hand, peppermint essential oil is for you. The peppermint essential oil diffuser benefits are extensive, with the most prominent being enhancing your mental clarity and alleviating feelings of stress.


If you are someone who has a hard time turning off your brain, especially when trying to go to sleep, give ylang ylang essential oil a go! It is able to help alleviate stress and reduce tension, which will then allow you to sleep better and not suffer from issues like insomnia.

Essential oils are great at helping enhance your wellbeing and combatting any negative moods you find yourself getting trapped in. The power of scent and smell is real. From these different essential oils, you will be able to experience a range of positive benefits, from feeling more lively, more focused, more awake, and more relaxed. Just choose the smell that is right for you!