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How gamblers choose online casinos: practical recommendations in 2020-2021

Gamblers ensure the profitability of the gambling industry, therefore, their opinion and preferences must be taken into account, especially in the context of the global trend of customer focus. To understand why gamblers choose online casinos, it is necessary to consider a few basic differences inherent in various virtual resources.

Choosing an online casino: players’ opinion

Wide range of games: Most experts agree that the variety of gaming content plays a key role in finding the best gambling platform.

Privacy protection: More and more active Internet users want to remain anonymous.

Licensing: The appropriate permission is easily verified by the players. At the moment, most of the registers and lists of licensees are publicly available. Information about the obtained permission must be posted on the home page of the site, as required by many legal jurisdictions. This approach will help clients quickly check out that they are facing a completely legal Internet business.

Bonus opportunities: Modern platforms offer many additional bonuses:

  • bonuses for new customers
  • free spins
  • cashback in case of an unsuccessful session
  • reload bonuses

Several gambling business representatives have developed multi-stage VIP programs aimed at increasing consumer loyalty and increasing casino revenues.

NettiCasino is a brand owned by a company called Elec Games Ltd that operates under the laws and regulations of Malta. NettiCasino bonus is awarded to a new customer automatically, so you get free play money by opening a real money game account. Registration is free and only takes a moment.

Visual design: It is important that the platform continues the overall style of the brand. Clients are pleased to visit a well-thought-out website, the result of the work of a professional team. Convenient user-friendly navigation which allows finding all the necessary information in a few clicks is appreciated.

Experts highlight several points in the design of sites that annoy gamblers:

  • The presence of poisonous and flashy shades in the color palette. Players get emotionally tired of them.
  • The lost balance between advertising and useful information. Pop-up banners and videos during the session cause a storm of indignation.
  • Lack of an understandable structure of the site, especially if there are difficulties with a quick search for relevant information. Clients like it when all the game content is divided into the appropriate sections, and all financial aspects are displayed on a separate panel.

Real money gambling: what’s important?

The main criteria for choosing an online casino are closely intertwined with the financial side of the issue. The following points can be highlighted that are sure to be taken into account by the audience, especially when it comes to playing with their own savings:

  • Payment systems. Analysts recommend installing several payment modules at once so that the client always has an alternative. It is important that the selected tools support both e-wallets and standard bank cards. The cryptocurrency payment option looks stylish and innovative.
  • The size of the deposit. Min and max accounts must be provided in the available parameters that will not scare away potential participants and will indicate the high quality of the casino. The recommendation of specialists is to set deposits within the range of $ 15.0 – $ 200.0.
  • Withdrawal limits. Even if a gambler won a large prize, then you should not limit it in matters of withdrawing earnings – this principle is adhered to by most experts in the gambling business. They believe that it is advisable to set limits only in case of restrictions on the part of the firm’s financial guarantee.
  • Multicurrency. This is support for all popular currencies and the conversion within the system.
  • Commission. Most companies cannot refuse commissions, since, in addition to themselves, the bank and the payment system are also involved in this process. But setting huge commissions is also not worth it: they will only scare off potential audiences.

Mobile applications

The popularization of gadgets at the global level is forcing businesses to adapt to this trend. Therefore, any self-respecting casino should have a well-thought-out gambling application for fans of playing on smartphones.

It is important that the functionality of the application is fully consistent with the resource for desktops. The solution should work flawlessly on operating systems such as iOS and Android. It is good if the visual range of the product completely repeats the design idea of ​​the original source: this way it will be easier for the user to understand and not get confused. At the same time, all active elements of the platform must adapt to the scale of the smartphone.

Additional criteria for choosing an online casino

A few more points that gamblers often consider:

  • Support. Round-the-clock support, fast feedback, and competent responses are what inspires great respect from customers.
  • Ratings. Various reviews tops and ratings always have a positive effect on the opinion of consumers.
  • Reviews. Players love to read the opinions of real participants who share their own experiences of interacting with a particular resource. Themed forums are also very popular, where you can find exclusive information.