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How Gen Z’s chaotic fashion is influencing YOUR clothes

Fashion faux pas! How Gen Z’s chaotic trends are influencing YOUR clothes: CHARLIE LANKSTON reveals everything you need to know about how 20-somethings are subtly – and not so subtly – deciding what’s stylish for ALL of us

If you were one of the many people to breathe a deep sigh of relief when Y2k’s most disastrous fashion trends finally flopped out of style, you are about to find yourself in for a very rude sartorial awakening. 

That’s right… they’re back. 

Mini skirts and dresses over jeans, barely-there graphic T-shirts worn with low-slung pants, and even JUICY-emblazoned velour derrieres have all made a very rapid return to the forefront of fashion in recent months – and it’s all thanks to Gen Z. 

While some might brush off the generation of 20-somethings, the reality is that Gen Z wields an incredible influence over the fashion industry – so much so that their TikTok videos showcasing their love of chaotic Y2K trends are now serving as the inspiration for some of the world’s most high-end brands.

The outfits once modeled by Disney child stars and the stars of The Simple Life are now popping up on the runways in New York, London, and Milan. Style icon Katie Holmes is wearing dresses over her baggy jeans – and Prada is urging us all to sport neon nylon scrunchies. 

Gen Z are the new guardians of style – and while their trends may seem entirely unapproachable to most, the way it has spilled into mainstream media and the fashion world means they are also unavoidable. 

So, how can you pull off the latest styles without cringing at yourself in the mirror? Our experts are here to tell you. 


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