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How Hemp Works to Relieve Pain

Hemp products are taking the world by storm, but it’s so much more than a passing fad. Those of us who have experienced pain —  whether short-term or chronic —  know that there are a lot of products on the market. We also know that the products created to help us through it are not created equally either. One of the best tools we have in our arsenal is knowledge, so let’s take a look at how hemp works to relieve our pain and discomfort

How Its Made

To produce hemp oil – the component of help used in pain relievers – it must undergo reasonable processing like any other natural ingredient. The seeds — which are 49% oil by weight — are cleaned and the husks are removed before being placed into a press.

The resulting oil is filtered and refined until it is mostly clear and flavorless, having had its impurities removed. Once it has had its quality tested, it can safely be sent to manufacturers who will add the hemp oil into their products according to their formula. Some of these may range from topical lotions, oral tinctures or pills, or even shampoos and body wash.

How Can You Take It

When using hemp oil to reduce pain, it is typically ingested orally or used in a concentrated topical lotion. General products which contain hemp may not have the compound in a high enough concentration. As such, make sure that the product you are pursuing is specifically formulated to serve as pain relief.

Topical hemp oil is absorbed through the pores, and this allows you to apply it to a localized area that is causing you difficulty. These can also serve as moisturizers, which can help keep your hands and joints soft.

Another way of taking them is the oral route, which can have a full-body effect but may take longer depending on the dose and exact delivery method. This can be administered through capsules or through tinctures. The duration of the effects can vary depending on the dosage, or other factors such as other things you may have eaten or your own metabolism.

How It Reduces Pain

Through whichever route it is ingested, the compounds begin to bind to specific receptors in the cells. These act as little switches that help to send messages to the brain and other nearby cells. Among these signals is one that reduces the sensation of neuropathic pain, which can grant relief to those who suffer from chronic nerve-based pains. That includes, but is not limited to, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and trauma.

It Can Also Reduce Inflammation

In addition to relieving nerve pain, it can also reduce inflammation which is another way in which pain can be reduced or eliminated altogether. Acting on the same principles of cellular receptors, the compounds can also bind to the ones that trigger inflammatory responses. This is indicated in studies that showed that arthritis sufferers experienced a significant reduction in pain and discomfort.

Is Hemp Right For Me?

Using a hemp-based product could be a great start for managing pain on your own terms and taking better control of your day-to-day life. Like all products used to support our health and wellbeing, it is not a cure-all and you should consult with a medical professional before changing the doses of any other medications you may be taking.

However, most people can readily begin trying over-the-counter pain relief, such as a topical hemp cream to help alleviate common pains such as that post-workout ache, or arthritis pain. As great new products become available through scientific – and natural – advancement and understanding, the best way to know what will work best for you are to try it and learn first hand.


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