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How important is it to get a dental cleaning?

Dental plaque is an invisible biofilm that forms on teeth throughout the day, and a major cause of periodontal disease. It is made up of bacterial cells that stick to the surface of teeth, and it is best removed by a dental cleaning. If left untreated, this plaque can harden into tartar, which not only causes gingivitis but also cavities and tooth decay. A dental cleaning provided by a professional dentist like Quest Dental will remove plaque, tartar, and other dental debris, and leave your teeth looking and feeling cleaner – and healthier. It is also an opportunity for the doctor to check for cavities and gum disease that is not apparent during a regular checkup.

Signs you may need a cleaning 

Your mouth is home to millions of bacteria, and while most of them don’t cause any harm, it’s important to keep your mouth clean and healthy. After all, when the mouth is happy, the rest of the body is generally happy, too. You don’t have to be a dental expert to know what’s healthy and what isn’t, so here are some common signs that you may need a professional oral clean from a dentist:

  1. You have trouble brushing your teeth after meals or snacks.
  2. Your dentist has told you that you have cavities that have not been filled.
  3. You have bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth.
  4. You have a mouthful of sensitive teeth.
  5. Your gums bleed when you brush.
  6. You have a wobbly tooth.
  7. Your teeth feel rough.
  8. You have a toothache.

What are the benefits of dental cleaning?

Dentist visits can be painful, but they’re essential to maintaining good oral health. The cornerstone of dental cleaning is cleaning, which is also known as scaling. This process removes the plaque and tartar deposits that form on the teeth and gums over time. A cleaning removes built-up plaque and tartar, leaving a clean surface that is less likely to form plaque and tartar again.

How to find a dental office?

Finding a dental office can be a stressful and daunting task. Your teeth are valuable to you, and you want to make sure you are using your time wisely when you visit a dental office. Luckily, we have compiled a list of things you can do to find a quality dental office. #1: Always ask friends and family for recommendations. This is the easiest way to find a great dental office that you know and trust. They may have been to that office before and can tell you if their experience was a positive one. You will feel more comfortable with your dental visit if you have already been to this office before, and you are familiar with the staff and the dentist.

What is involved in dental cleaning?

A dental cleaning is a routine dental exam that is an essential part of your ongoing oral health care. During a dental cleaning, a dental professional thoroughly cleans the teeth, eliminates plaque, and removes tartar. The dental professional uses various tools and techniques to ensure your teeth remain healthy. During a cleaning, the dental professional may also examine the gums for signs of gum disease, and check for cavities or signs of tooth decay.