How long does permanent hair dye last?

Changing your looks thus getting a new hair color is boundless fun, no matter the outcome. One day you can be a sun-kissed blonde, while on the other some auburn fire appears on your head.

Given the development of the market itself, there are various permanent hair dye options that can help you achieve satisfying results. How long do they last and which ones should be on your wishlist?

Permanent hair dye in a nutshell

For starters, we should focus on what exactly permanent hair dye is and how it works. Is it really as long-lasting as it sounds? Unlike other hair products, such as toners or semi-permanent dyes, this type is certainly more reliable.

It does not only cover the outer layer of your hair but also seeps into its insides. The pigment alone goes deeper and makes the coloring much more vibrant. But will it stay with us forever? Of course not!

The best effect will be visible from 6 up to 8 weeks, depending on the product itself. Even more so, factors such as whether your hair is exposed to constant heat and sun also influence its durability.

We must also not forget that a professional coloring will always last a little longer, given the knowledge of the specialist but if we decide on doing the makeover at home, we should equip ourselves with only the best products available.

Best permanent hair color – hair dyes of your dreams

The journey to permanent hair color is both hard and easy. The process alone is not much demanding, even done at home, but the key here are the products used. If we want to make the coloring as long-lasting as possible, investing in proper permanent hair dye is a must.

What options do we have? Let’s start with one of the most famous brands, L’Oreal. The Majirel line, also known as the most innovative and iconic range, would be the best one to start with.

L’Oreal’s Professionnel permanent hair dyes are meant not only for blondes but all those that yearn for more bold effects, giving all consumers endless look possibilities.

Going forward, we have got Matrix permanent hair dye options with the brand’s SoColor range for all types of hair. What kind of tones can we get? Typical blonde or bronze, as well as red and mocha, are up for us to grab.

The desired effect can be achieved in only a one-time application process without too much damage to our hair. Perfect, is it not?

Permanent hair color fading – what to do to avoid it?

As we have mentioned before, permanent hair dye, even if it lasts longer, will not stay with us forever. But there are means that may help us prevent the effect from disappearing too fast. What usually makes the dye fade, and how can we stop the process?

Frequent washing, even if needed, is not a friend to any hair coloring product.

The more you cleanse your hair, the more likely the tone will fade. If you have a problem with the root’s oiliness, it is better to use some dry shampoo in-between regular washes, therefore avoiding the fading.

What is more, swimming and exposing your hair to too much chlorine and salt can also be an issue? Our hair is very water-absorbing thus dye’s pigmentation and the color itself will fade sooner than we would have liked.

If you are keen on such an activity, ensure to always wear a swim cap and remember to nourish the hair afterward.

Summarily, permanent hair dye is efficient enough to go beyond a few weeks but if we want to always have the preferred shade, it is best to do a retouch once the roots start growing out. This way the effect will be pleasant enough to satisfy us for as long as it should.