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How long sex lasts for across the UK revealed

It’s bad news for women from Hull.

Men in the Yorkshire city, awarded the UK’s capital of culture, orgasm quicker than those from any other region.

They climax, on average, within 10 minutes and 37 seconds – nearly three times sooner than those in Walsall, a survey today revealed.

Lovers in Walsall can expect the longest night of passion, with the average orgasm coming after 27 minutes and 26 seconds.

It’s bad news for women from Hull. Men in the Yorkshire city, awarded the UK’s capital of culture, orgasm quicker than those from any other region

Some 2,000 people from across the UK were quizzed about their sexual habits, including how long they spend on foreplay.

The new findings, commissioned by Superdrug and handed to MailOnline, revealed a stark divide in how long lovers take to orgasm across the home nations.

However, sex experts have said the findings don’t suggest that men in Hull are ‘underperforming’ in the bedroom.

Alix Fox, an award-winning sex educator and Superdrug’s expert, said: ‘If a couple can genuinely both reach orgasm in so short an average time, then that’s glorious.’

She added that reaching climax quicker could be ‘exceedingly useful if they’re parents trying to squish in a quickie in a rare quiet moment’. 

Ms Fox said: ‘People who don’t find themselves arriving in O Town quite so quickly certainly shouldn’t feel like they’re unusual or “underperforming”.’


Hull – 10 minutes 37 seconds

Sheffield – 12 minutes

Cardiff – 12 minutes

Sunderland – 12 minutes 25 seconds

Norwich – 12 minutes 30 seconds

Newport – 12 minutes 57 seconds

Coventry – 13 minutes 18 seconds

Southampton – 14 minutes

Lisburn – 14 minutes 3 seconds

Edinburgh – 14 minutes 10 seconds


Walsall – 27 minutes 26 seconds

Wolverhampton – 25 minutes 

Aberdeen – 23 minutes 53 seconds

York – 23 minutes 10 seconds 

Wrexham – 21 minutes 28 seconds 

Plymouth – 20 minutes 38 seconds 

London – 20 minutes 33 seconds 

Birmingham – 20 minutes

Bristol – 20 minutes

Cambridge – 20 minutes

She also explained that women in Kingston-upon-Hull may feel obligated to ‘liemax’ – a popular term for a fake orgasm.

The poll revealed that lovers in Sheffield and Cardiff also orgasm quickly, with the average climax coming after 12 minutes.

Sunderland (12 minutes 25 seconds) and Norwich (12 minutes 30 seconds) rounded up the worst five performing areas. 

At the other end of the scale, Wolverhampton (25 minutes) was tipped only by those in Walsall, seven miles (11km) away.

Aberdeen clinched third place (23 minutes 53 seconds). York finished fourth (23 minutes 10 seconds) and Wrexham fifth (21 minutes 28 seconds).    

The findings coincide with Superdrug’s release of a range lubes named after the nation’s most popular euphemisms for sex.  


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