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How Many White Dress Shirts Should I Own?

A classic style wardrobe can never be complete without a dress shirt, but how many should a man own exactly? Stylish Alpha agrees that it can be tough to assess how many you will need. After all, these aren’t ordinary shirts we are talking about; these are dress shirts.

Nevertheless, today, we will attempt to answer the question, “how many dress shirts should you own?” so that you won’t get busted wearing the same thing twice.

First Things First… What’s the Proper Occasion To Don a Dress Shirt?

Some men have jobs that call for dress shirts, slacks, and jackets daily. Others have a more flexible work wardrobe that doesn’t require dressing up all the time. Then again, regardless of your career path, it is critical to own at least a few dress shirt numbers for different occasions.

Is It Possible To Have Too Many Dress Shirts?

There is no such thing as having too many dress shirts, provided that you actually wear each of them. You probably have a couple of shirts assigned to occasions you’d rather avoid attending. This usually isn’t applicable to dress shirts since they require a lot of work to keep in good condition. You would have to iron them carefully and make it a point to wear them at least once a month.

To give you a proper estimate, around 20 dress shirts are enough to have most professional men covered. With this number, you can have a different one to wear at the office for almost every workday of the month. You can even pair them with your favorite jeans to wear to non-work occasions, like a date or a family function.

Still, some of us question the practicality of this figure. Is 20 not too much? In reality, most men might not even go for more than 10. Then, there are the dress-up-as-needed kinds of men who only pick out dress shirts because an important event calls for it. If you’re this type of guy, which is perfectly okay, by the way, having four dress shirts is probably stretching it.

Three would be more likely your number since it gets you two to alternate for work and one to wear for a very special occasion. You are also going to want these shirts to come in colors that complement the must-have navy blue blazer or suit jacket you already own.

The Answer To Your “Dress Shirt” Question

There’s a chance you will fall somewhere between the two extremes when it comes to dress shirt numbers. In this case, you are probably going to want to have at least 10 shirts to call on for different occasions, including work and special functions.

These should include button-downs that can be worn jacketless, some stylish numbers, and a few in a variety of shades and colors. Put in an oxford shirt or two in the mix, and you should have a pretty diverse wardrobe.

What’s the Deal With White Dress Shirts?

We’ve talked about how many dress shirts a man should own, but how many white ones should be part of the mix? The short answer is you need to have at least a duo of white dress shirts in the ultimate crisp state if you work in the corporate world. Of course, you can add one or two extras, depending on how frequently you spill things.

A freshly cleaned and pressed white dress shirt is the epitome of a classic shirt. It is almost every man’s go-to for formal occasions and can turn heads far more than any complex ensemble. There’s just something about the simplicity of a white shirt carried well that draws people’s attention.

Off-white and ivory-colored dress shirts are also great options. Although they are not as formal, their warmer tones add softness to your appearance, making you look more friendly and approachable. This is the shade you want to go for when meeting new or prospective clients or attending events that require mingling.

What Style Should You Go For?

You want to base your dress-shirt style on your movement over the course of the day or occasion. You will also need to consider the temperature, location of the event, the kind of pants you will be wearing, and whether or not your shirt should be paired with other accessories, like a tie or a pocket square.

In warmer climates, pick a more breathable and lighter dress shirt that can get you through an event, all while maintaining that impeccable appearance. A dress shirt made of cotton would be an excellent choice since it also comes in many different styles. On the other hand, colder months would require heavier fabric.

The Safe and Convenient Choice

To wrap things up, a man’s wardrobe should have at least five daily-wear dress shirts, a couple of them white and three in different colors. They should also each be of high quality so that you won’t have second thoughts about wearing them more than once to any occasion.